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Recently Medical jobs ( Nepal jobs) at Kanti Children Hospital Nepal jobs are being opened. The jobs are amened for the extension of the ICU in the Kanti children hospital

Kanti children’s hospital ( Kanti Baal Aspatal) is Nepal’s one of the oldest hospitals in Nepal mainly focused on the children. This hospital is being regulated by the Kanti Children’s Hospital Development Board which is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal. This hospital has been providing regular medical and surgical services as Nepal’s reputed pediatric hospital. This hospital is located in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal. 

The hospital treats children from all over the country and other hospitals.  In recent years, the hospital also runs a Post Graduate Degree accreditation from the National Academy of Medical Education and Sciences (NAMS).

Kanti children hospital announces the vacancy for the Nepal doctors jobs and Nepal nurses jobs. The jobs are opend as for  the 20 doctors,1 biomedical engineer, and 35 staff nurse

Medical Jobs(Vacancies ) for different positions

  1. Medical officers, 8th level, 20 positions
  2. staff nurses, 5th level, 35 positions
  3. biomedical engineer, 8th level, 1 position

Date of notice 2077-6-22

Go to the below picture for the details on how to apply for these medical jobs ( Nepal doctors jobs and Nepal nurses jobs )

Nepal medical jobs at Kanti Children Hospital Notice

The details notice regarding Nepal medical jobs of Kanti children notice is as below. Get details to know how to apply for the different posts

Medical jobs at Kanti Children Hospital nepal jobs 1
Medical jobs at Kanti Children Hospital Nepal Jobs 

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