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Preventing Pregnancy Upper Back Pain

Pregnancy Upper Back Pain is one of the pain problem for the pregnant women. Knowing about it and get ease it will is goal to prevent .

In this post we discuss and explore mostly about the upper backpain during the pregnacy and back pain remedies at this time . Before knowing to prevent the Pregnancy Upper Back Pain, Lets know about bit about it.

Introduction : Pregnancy Upper Back Pain

Things you need to know about the pain I the upper back during a pregnancy

If you have a pain in the upper back during pregnancy then there are over 50 % of the population that experience this pain.

The majority of pregnant women experience this kind of pain. Apart from the upper back, the other places where the pregnant woman feels this kind of pain are the shoulders, neck, upper back, and lower back.

However, in pregnant women, the lower pain is much more prevalent and the upper back pain is somewhat less prevalent

The degree of upper back pain can vary as some feel subtle pain while others have more intense pain.

Causes of the Back Pain in pregnancy

So to answer the question, what are the main causes of upper back pain in prevalent women and the treatment or pain management strategy are as follows.

There are various factors that leads to the development of upper back pain in pregnant women of which are highlighted here.’ please read through

Changes  in the hormones

There is a hormone called relaxin, which helps to prepare the person’s physical body to sustain childbirth. So there might be some harmful side effects like pain and aches.


Stress is also a marker to experience upper back pain in pregnant women. Stress causes the release of prostaglandins in the body that is responsible for the pain

Unmanaged stress can lead to such pain in the upper back of a present woman

Chest growth

If the breast mass increases, this can also lead to pain in the upper back. This will add more weight to the chest which can eventually lead to pain.

Changes in the uterus

The change that takes place in the uterus can lead to strains and pain.

Body weight increase

An increase in the body weight can also lead to experiencing such pain. Unusal inscrease in weight cause the more pressure to the back(spine). This can lead to the lower back pain as well as upper back pain

Video on Aabodminal pain in pregnency by Dr. Mukesh Gupta

How to Prevent Pregnancy Upper Back Pain ?

So now that we know what are the causes of the pain in the upper back of a pregnant woman. Now let’s discuss the potential treatment for this pain and get rid of upper back pain during pregnancy

How to Prevent Pregnancy Upper Back Pain
How to Prevent Pregnancy Upper Back Pain

Prenatal massage can also alleviate the pain

A direct warm and cold compress can also significantly reduce this pain. These help to relax the musucle of back .

Pain management Medicines

There are various pain management medications available. Be sure to consult a professional and this can also help manage and reduce the pain. Wrong medications can have mutiple problem to pregnant women as well as child

Light Exercise reduces the back pain

Besides exerting more strain on the abdomen, it is generally considered safe if you talk to your health professional and ask for suitable exercises that you can add to your exercise regiment

video to manage back pain during the pregnancy

Maintaining proper posture and light type of exercise can also do the trick of pain management, so, Don’t lift heavy objects. This might lead to worsening your pain.


We can conclude that upper back pain in pregnant women is highly prevalent among women who are about to give birth.

So it is important to get self-educated and get help from professionals and manage the pain in a safe and manageable way,

You can consult care professionals on what to do ignorer to reduce the pain.

So with proper care, exercise, medications, and support, a pregnant woman can manage the pain in the upper back using various factors such as changes in the hormones, increase in weight, stress, and uterus size changes.

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