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Introduction to PRP on Arthritis

Arthritis or osteoarthritis is a condition that can result in pain and restricted movement of that particular affected Joint. In this condition, there is visible redness and inflammation or swelling of a particular joint.

PRP on arthritis therapy is now new regenerative treatment therapy that has shown promise in treating knee pain. Learn about the basics of effectiveness of PRP on arthritis and Relieve Joint Pain in this informative topic.

What is PRP on Arthritis?

PRP Knee Arthritis or PRP also termed as Platelet Rich Plasma is a technique where the duration can be from anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes.

Three Platelet rich plasma sessions which are a month apart or can be done 7 to 10 days apart for a 4 to 5 doses. The maintenance time is done 3 months then on.

This can deliver a relief from the symptoms of the pain derived red from arthritis that can last easily uphill 1 year.

Cost of PRP injection can vary from Country and cities all around the world.

The range in western countries has been documented to be anywhere from five hundred dollars to one thousand two hundred dollars per knee treatment.

Similarly, in India and Nepal, the cost can range from seventy thousand rupees to eighty five thousand rupees.

PRP Injection Knee Recovery Time

The recovery period from a PRP procedure in the case of arthritis can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. The patient also has to go through follow-up appointments with the doctor or the medical personnel.

Patients undergoing the PRP for arthritis report a pain which is mild and irritation till 2 days or 48 hours. Although these data can vary from person to person.

So how exactly does a PRP on Arthritis work?

Well, Our Blood has natural properties to heal and if the blood drawn from the human body is centrifuged and injected to the affected knee part or the condition commonly referred to as arthritis, then it is subjected to heal the affected knee part.

The PRP prepared from the patient’s blood is now injected into the joint that has been affected that stimulates the healing process and reiterates the damaged tissues.

how exactly does a PRP for Arthritis work
how exactly does a PRP for Arthritis work

Some of the visible results that can come with the PRP injection in Arthritis is Reduced pain and the function of the joint can drastically enhance.

Furthermore, PRP therapy can help stop the infection and significantly decrease the onset of osteoarthritis or more commonly referred to as Arthritis.

It also supports the formation of the new kind of cartilage.

It also helps assist the formation of a naturally producing fluid and helps in alleviating the pain.

The tissues in the joint of the knees helps restore the tissues that have been damaged.

Main Reason for Use of PRP in arthritis

The main conditions where PRP for Arthritis is used are;

  1. If there is any type of chronic pain in the joint or Knee Pain at the Back
  2. The people that are not fit for the replacement of the joint can opt to go for PRP for knee or arthritis.
  3. People or patient who have a condition called “Tendinopathy”
  4. If there has been any kind of tear in the muscles and if there is any form of injury in surrounding muscles
  5. Liagment Sparin especially for ACL and PCL sprain
  6. partial Meniscus tear

Last but not least, it there has been tears or rupture in the Tendon of that patient then these are the common condition where Platelet Rich Plasma Or PRP in arthritis can be used


Hence, The PRP or Platelet Rich plasma blood is used throughout the world to reduce the pain and swelling in the joint in arthritis or osteoarthritis.

The healing property in the PRP which is drawn from the blood and then injected in the affected part of the patient can do wonders in arthritis.

Therefore there is help available for arthritis. with proper guidance and help from the health care professionals the conditions of Arthritis or osteoarthritis can be managed.

Mainly, the pain, the tenderness and the swelling is treated in the affected joint of the patients by PRP on Arthritis therapy.

The prognosis is good With PRP based therapy for arthritis.

Therefore, we highly recommend and suggest that people who are subject to Arthritis can opt for PRP treatment for arthritis.

Dr. Saroj K Suwal offers PRP treatment for knee pain that help patients find relief and improve mobility in the life . PRP on Arthritis is popular treatment modalities for the most the knee problems.



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