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What are Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Role of Physiotherapy

Autism and autism spectrum disorder might be confusing for every person. These terms are different but they are the same in general. we discuss this in this post in a simple way

What is autism and autism spectrum disorder?

Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) relates to the complex neurodevelopment condition that is shown by a variety of difficulties with interacting in a social setting, in how a person communicates, and their behaviors. 

This developmental condition involve the persistent challenges with social communication, restricted interests and repetitive behavior.

According to the CDCP(Centers for Disease Control and PreventioN) data, It is estimated that one in 36 children identified with autism spectrum disorder world wide
What is autism and autism spectrum disorder
What is autism and autism spectrum disorder

ASD can also be called a spectrum disorder meaning the person with ASD can find different levels of symptoms and abilities.

The majority of children with autism find it difficult to deal with their motor skills and capacity which involves defects in coordination being clumsy physically and facing tough times with their behavior.

To deal with Autism and Autism Spectrum disorder, physiotherapy primarily focuses on developing gross motor skills like rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, and jumping, among many others.

Generally, people with autism have very low muscle tone that can impair the skills listed.

Physiotherapy in Autism

To deal with autism the physiotherapist utilizes numerous ways to intervene to assist people with autism and gain more movement.

physiotherapy in autism
physiotherapy in autism

Physiotherapy techniques in autism

The techniques here can have profound benefits in treating autism.

  1. Manual Therapy
  2. Exercises in therapeutic techniques
  3. Hippo therapy
  4. Aquatic therapy
  5. Recreational therapy

These techniques aim to develop motor skills and minimize the pain risk. They have been proved to be advantageous for the autistic child.

in the same way know some more about physiotherapy in Nepal which has also focused the autism physiotherapy .

Autism problems with the posture

People with autism can demonstrate a clumsy appearance and find it hard to balance and coordinate.

In the first phase, the physiotherapist will observe the movements of the autistic person in the school, and home environment.

The physiotherapist targets basic motor skills like sitting, roll and stand

The parents are given guidelines to help their children with autism overcome this debilitating disorder. They can also focus more on skip, throw, and catch skills

Physiotherapy in ASD

In children that have autism, the prime goal should be to assess and treat their defects in motor skills.

There can be a delay In getting off the gross motor milestones. It can be difficult to throw, catch, kick, or dribble a ball Jump, hop, or skip, Play games or any sports that keep up with their friends

Learn new skills that are primarily physical

Bad posture

Several falls with being clumsy

Some Facts on Autism

Even adults can be affected by ASD. Males are more prone to ASD.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for autism as of today but the symptoms can be managed.

Doing physiotherapy can benefit the ability of the physical, and sensory parts.

Physiotherapists play a crucial role in the treatment or management of ASD

People can also vastly benefit from or help from communities or support groups.

how to take care of autism?

all people with autism spectrum disorder or autism can have access to professional help from a qualified physiotherapist and can lead a normal life.

People with autism have compromised motor skills that can lead to various symptoms as listed above.

Mainly with children, the parents have a vital role to play in supporting their children through this uphill task.

People with this disorder can seek professional help, probably physiotherapists and the physiotherapist can guide that individual with various physiotherapy exercises such as Manual Therapy, Exercises about therapeutic techniques, Hippo therapy, Aquatic therapy, and Recreational therapy.

This condition can be managed well with professional help and can lead to a more productive life for the person suffering from this condition. because if we raise awareness regarding this condition, more and more people will benefit greatly.

so make a note to help and overcome this condition and help each other and the person suffering from this condition.

Sharing and helping others is also caring and supporting each other in this journey called ‘Life”. 


Hence, people should be aware of autism as that disorder can affect various people and can hamper their daily life. And prevent people from leading a productive life.

The take-home note here is that  Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) can be treated and managed with help from a professional and someone close to guiding and monitoring the affected individual.

Therefore if you or anybody else has autism or Autism Spectrum disorder, please don’t hesitate or shy away from taking to professional physiotherapy in seeking help to manage this condition well.



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