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Kathmandu University Jobs for Professor, Assoc Professor, Asst Professor & Lecturer

Kathmandu University Jobs
Kathmandu University Jobs

Kathmandu University is an autonomous and nonprofit institution with the mission of providing quality education for leadership and has positioned itself at the forefront of knowledge services in different fields like Science, Engineering, Management, Education, Law, Arts, and Medical Sciences.

The Kathmandu University world ranking university invites applications from competent and committed medical professionals form many academic positions in the Kathamandu University School of Medical Sciences . You can find the following mentioned Kathmandu University Jobs in differnt facaulties and numbers as below:

Kathmandu Universitey Jobs

The kathmandu university jobs is subjected for the fulfillment of the selection requirements and processes by the candidates as specified fields.


  • Medicine (Cardiology/Internal Medicine)
  • Orthopedics -2
  • Radiology and Imaging Technology -1
  • Ophthalmology -1
  • Pedodontics -1
  • Medical Technology -1 (Lab Medicine, Biotechnology, Environment Science, Health Informatics, Technology, Engineering) Public Health
  • Nursing (All specialties) -1
  • General Practices (GP) -1


  • Surgery -1
  • General Medicine -1
  • Ophthalmology -1
  • Orthopedics -1
  • Anatomy -1
  • Community Medicine -1
  • Physiology -1
  • Orthodontics -1
  • Physiotherapy -2


  • Surgery -1
  • Anatomy  -1
  • Forensic Medicine -1
  • Community Medicine -1
  • Medical Pharmacology -1
  • Ophthalmology -1
  • Pedodontics -1
  • ENT – 2
  • Biochemistry -1
  • Medical Physiology -1
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing -2


  • Public Health/Biotechnology – 1
  • General Medicine – 1
  • Nursing (Med. & Sur.) -2
  • Physiotherapy – 2

How to apply for Kathmandu University Jobs ?

As per the Information mentioned in the vacancy notice about the Kathmandu university jobs, the minimum educational qualifications, experiential prerequisites, other requirements in Kathmandu University Jobs is for the selection methods that are to used and the required documents has to be sumbitted. on www.kusms.edu.np and www.ku.edu.np.

If you are eligible candidate according to the criteria, may apply by completing the form available at KU university website  www.ku.edu.np from 10 November 2023.

The deadline for the application forms and required documents should be submitted at the Office of the Dean, KUSMS, by 7th December 2023.

The School of medical science will be infromed to the shortlisted candidates for the next stage of the selection process.

For further information and clarification, contact the Office of the Dean, KUSMS.

Kathmandu University Jobs Vacancy Notice

Go to the following Kathmandu University Jobs notice which was Published on 9 November 2023 .



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