List of Private Health Clinics and Hospitals in Kathmandu Nepal

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In Kathmandu districts, there are lots of health-related private clinics health-related clinics, hospitals, and care centers that are registered by the Heath ministry of Nepal

The list of private health institutions related is more than 900 in the Kathmandu district. This private institute related to health care clinics, polyclinics, NGOs, INGOs, home health services, hospitals, labs, pathology, and so on Here is the complete list [source updated 2020 :MOH Nepal ]

Private Health Clinics and Hospitals in Kathmandu

  1. Samudayik Swasthya Sewa Clinic

  2. Omkar Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  3. Hil Nepal

  4. Resha Clinic

  5. Pathology Service

  6. Lions Club of Kathmandu

  7. Chabahil Dristi Eye Care Centre Pvt.Ltd

  8. Space Medical Centre Pvt.Ltd

  9. Sai Shankar Health Care Pvt.Ltd

  10. Charu Polyclinic and Diagnosis Centre Pvt.Ltd

  11. B Dental Care Home Pvt.Ltd

  12. Krishna Memorial Pathology Lab

  13. Shree Bauddhanath Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  14. Jharana Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  15. Healthy Smile Omkar Dental Pvt.Ltd

  16. Bal Chikitsa Nidan Kendra

  17. Sangrila Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  18. Pratyush Clinic Pathology Laboratory

  19. Riddi Siddi Polyclinic Pvt.Ltd

  20. Rural Health Care Centre Pvt.Ltd

  21. Absolute Dental Care Centre Pvt.Ltd

  22. Jorpati Polyclinic Pvt.Ltd

  23. Nice Smile Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  24. Smile The Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  25. Amda Nepal Shimaju Dental Clinic

  26. Reliance Medicare Center Pvt.Ltd.

  27. Merapik Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  28. Prime Health Care Center Pvt.Ltd

  29. Sunaulo Bhabishya Nepal

  30. Boudha Stupa Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  31. Koirala Poly Clinic & Diagnistic Center

  32. Om Samaj Dental Hospital

  33. Bibekanand Dental Clinic

  34. Jalapa Devi Medical center

  35. Biraj Dental Pvt.Ltd.

  36. Ostrich Pharma &Health Care Center Pvt.Ltd

  37. Samata Hospital

  38. Chinese Hospital

  39. Baudha Dental Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  40. Papulars Life Care Hospital

  41. C-Link Medical Center pvt.Ltd.

  42. Drikung Fende Clinic

  43. Royal Dental Studio

  44. Panasiya Medical & DiagnisticCenter

  45. Saugat Clinic

  46. Everest Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  47. Dantapur Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  48. Sajha Metro Dental Clinic

  49. Om Samaj Dental Hospital Pvt Ltd

  50. Heal Nepal

  51. Pathology Service

  52. Samrat Polyclinic and Medical Center Pvt Ltd

  53. Chabahil Polyclinic Pvt Ltd

  54. Chinese Peoples Hospital P L

  55. Baudha Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  56. Riza Medical and Diagnostic Center P L

  57. Resha Clinic P L

  58. Stupa Kanti Dental P L

  59. Idea Dental Care P L

  60. Om Buddha Dental Clinic P L

  61. Manakamana Dental Care Center

  62. Nim Kanti Danta Chikitsalay P L

  63. Healthy Muskan Dental Clinic P L

  64. Shechan Clinic and Hospice

  65. Step Health P L

  66. Sampurna Dental P L

  67. Dip Jyoti Dental Care P L

  68. Green Tara Health Clinic P L

  69. Dirghau Guru Hopital and Research Center P L

  70. Sundarijal Clinic and Diagnostic Center

  71. Himal Dental P L

  72. Krown Laboratory and Referral Center

  73. Nutan Pharma

  74. Sitaram Polyclinic Pvt Ltd

  75. Mulpani Clinic and Lab Center P L

  76. Kantipur Jeevan Jyoti Health Care P L

  77. Luckey Pathology Clinic P L

  78. Helping Hands Community Hospital

  79. Friends of Shanta Bhawan Nepal

  80. Children Medical Diagnostic Center

  81. Marie Stopes Center

  82. Rija Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center

  83. Bouddha Dental Home P L

  84. Al Khalis Medical Center

  85. Razam Medical Center P L

  86. Ojasbi Polyclinic Pvt.Ltd.

  87. National Reference Lab Pvt.Ltd.

  88. Bio-Diagnostic Pathlab Nepal Pvt.Ltd.

  89. Gamma Imazing Center Pvt.Ltd.

  90. The Skin Health & Referal Center Pvt.Ltd

  91. Biomed Reference Labortory

  92. Meridian Health Care Pvt.Ltd

  93. Pradip Dental Clinic P L

  94. Maharajgunj Swasthya Sahakari Sastha Ltd

  95. Megha Daignostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  96. Basundhara Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd.

  97. Maharajgunj Poly Clinic Pvt. Ltd

  98. Global Dental Care Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  99. Novadent Dental Pvt.Ltd

  100. Golphutar Eye Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  101. Katmandu Dental Service

  102. Om Lotus Dental Clinic

  103. Dental Spa Pvt.Ltd

  104. Center Dental Pvt.Ltd

  105. Dental Work Pvt.Ltd

  106. Public Dental Clinic

  107. Baidik Smile Pvt.Ltd

  108. Apolo Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  109. Smile Skyware Dental Care Centre

  110. Khumbila Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  111. S Polyclinic Pvt.Ltd

  112. Genuine Smile Dental Clinic

  113. Freshmint Dental Clinic

  114. Happy Dent Dental Service Centre Pvt.Ltd

  115. Multi Specialist Dental Clinic

  116. Sudha Health Care & Medical Center Pvt.Ltd.

  117. Sabhya Medical Center Pvt.Ltd.

  118. A Clinic for Help Nepal

  119. Bio-med Wel-being Diangostic Pvt.Ltd

  120. Bipin Poly Clinic & DiagnosticCenter

  121. Shi-Gan Health Foundation Pvt.Ltd

  122. Nyuyo Health Clinic Lab Pvt.Ltd

  123. Om Buddha Hospital & Health

  124. Asian Raze Medicare Center Pvt.Ltd

  125. Acme Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  126. Shiv Dental Care Center

  127. Maa Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  128. Orchid Dental Clinic

  129. Metro Kathmandu Hospital

  130. Nepal Winning Maitri Hospital

  131. National Dental Hospital Pvt.Ltd.

  132. Crown Labrotories and Referel Center

  133. S R L Diagnostic Pvt Ltd

  134. Nishan Sun Quality Health Clinic

  135. Medident Dental Care Center

  136. Nita Polyclinic and Diagnostic center P L

  137. Trust Medical Center P L

  138. Life Trust Medi Diagnostic P L

  139. Medico Clinic P L

  140. Fusion Swasthya Clinic P L

  141. Dynamic Medical Center And Polyclinic P L

  142. Kohinoor Medical Center P L

  143. Trimurti Medical Center P L

  144. Quality Health Care Center P L

  145. Aroma Health Foundation P L

  146. Ciwec Hospital P L

  147. Shivapuri Dental Clinic

  148. Susan Polyclinic

  149. International Path Lab Pvt Ltd

  150. Budhanilkantha Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  151. Adyat Dental Care Center P L

  152. Shree Samaj Dental Clinic

  153. Medica Laboratory Services

  154. Jalkanya Pathology Lab P L

  155. Centre for Speech Therapy and Hearing Care

  156. Crown Dental P L

  157. Durga Bhawani Polyclinic

  158. Kanti Danta Chikitsalay

  159. Bimarshan Oreal Dental Clinic

  160. Lumbini Manobal Swasthya Sewa

  161. Hamro Polyclinic P L

  162. Usha Diagnostic Lab Center P L

  163. Kundalini Diagnostic Center

  164. Himal Dental Hospital and Institute of Dental Science P L

  165. Aeromin Medical Hall

  166. Kushadevi Swasthya Sewa P L

  167. Saurabh Pharmacy

  168. Dr Lal Pathlabs

  169. Kathmandu Fertility Center

  170. Sarobar Polyclinic and Diagnostic P L

  171. Krown Laboratory and Referral Center

  172. Brahmasthani A Awareness Society

  173. Super Religane Reference Laboratories

  174. International Organization for Migration Health Center

  175. Medi Asia Diagnostic Center

  176. Super Health Care Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center

  177. Heart Clinic

  178. Nepal Cardio, Diebetes, and Thyroid Center

  179. Sun Rise Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center

  180. Alka Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  181. Medicine Buddha Poly ClinicPvt.Ltd

  182. Kashak Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  183. Rakshya Medical & Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  184. Nepolian Health Care Center Pvt.Ltd

  185. Janak Medical center & Research Pvt.Ltd

  186. Aradhana Health Care Center Pvt.Ltd

  187. Sai Kripa Medical Center

  188. Dhaulagiri Himal Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  189. Shusil Poly Clinic & Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  190. Bhanu Memorial Poly Clinic & Dianostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  191. Sarbottam Poly Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

  192. Mata Maha Laxmi Medicare

  193. Sagarmatha Clinic & Medicare Pvt.Ltd

  194. Rose International Servive pvt.Ltd

  195. Janaki International Medical Center Pvt. Ltd.

  196. Social Medical Center Pvt. Ltd

  197. Helping Health Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  198. Paradise Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  199. New Saphal Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  200. Om Sibaya Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  201. Valley Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  202. Dharma Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  203. Dhaneshwor Swasthya Clinic Pvt. Ltd

  204. Prapti Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  205. Greenland Dental Clic Pvt.Ltd

  206. Himalayan Dental & Orthodentic Center

  207. Om Gorkha Dental Care Center

  208. Adarsha Samaj dental Pvt.Ltd

  209. Panus Dental (Danta) Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  210. Prakritik Danta Sewa Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  211. All smile Dental Home Pvt. Ltd

  212. Madhu Health Service & Counseling Center

  213. Valley Top Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  214. Remind Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  215. Trishakti Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  216. A Life Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  217. D &P Poly Clinic Diagnostic Pvt.Ltd

  218. Himal Poly Clinic & Research Center

  219. Diamand Medical Center

  220. Arun Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  221. Alience Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  222. Diamond Poly Clinic & Diagnostic center Pvt.Ltd

  223. Samaj Kalyan Poly Clinic & Diagnostic Center pvt.Ltd

  224. Helping Health Diagnostic Center

  225. Galaxy Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  226. Saksham Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  227. Sai Baba Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  228. Malaya Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  229. Namaste Nepal Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  230. Bhimeshwor Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  231. Universal Dental Clinic

  232. Prosthetic Muskan Dental Clinic PL

  233. Jalapa Dental Clinic & Lab

  234. All Nepal Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  235. Mero Dental Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  236. Nava Durga Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  237. People’s Health Care Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  238. Universal Medical Health Care Center P L

  239. Nawa Asha Grih Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  240. Canvas Poly Clinic

  241. Bulanda Siddhi Hospital & Trauma Center

  242. Ojus Ayurbed Hospital & Research Center

  243. Bandipur Dental Clinic

  244. Happy Family Dental Clinic

  245. Sanjivini Dental Home

  246. Curex Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  247. B. Health Care Center P L

  248. South Asian Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  249. Jaljala Medical Center P L

  250. Maulakali Medical Center P L

  251. Ma Laxmi Medical Center

  252. Oskar Medical Center P L

  253. Perfect Diagnostic Center P L

  254. Peace Medical Center P L

  255. N S Medical Center P L

  256. Samaj Sewa Polyclinic P L

  257. Diamond Health Care Center

  258. Top Need Medical Center P L

  259. Annapurna Clinic P L

  260. Baluwatar Polyclinic

  261. Chhabdi Barahi Medical Center P L

  262. Asian Plus Medical Center P L

  263. Super Diagnostic Center P L

  264. Friendship Health Care Center P L

  265. Dhaulagiri Health Care center P L

  266. Physiotherapy Health Clinic

  267. K R Medical Center P L

  268. Shubha Prabhat Swasthya Upachar Kendra P L

  269. Helping Health Care and Treatment Center

  270. Anugrah Medical Center P L

  271. Bright Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  272. Jal Binayak Medical Center Pvt Ltd

  273. Tribenidevi Health Care P L

  274. Diamond Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  275. Gorkhali Clinic P L

  276. Nepal Siddhartha Sadan Clinic P L

  277. Purnima Plus Medical Center P L

  278. Public Health Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  279. Siddhakali Medical Center P L

  280. Dhorpatan Swasthya Clinic P L

  281. Bright Health Care Center P L

  282. Bright Medical Center P L

  283. Gurudev Medical Center P L

  284. Dental Inn Clinic

  285. Sampriti Medical Center P L

  286. Subba Medical Center P L

  287. Sewa Medical Center P L

  288. Royal Nepal Medical Center P L

  289. Relience Health Care Center P L

  290. Dhorpatan Medical Center

  291. Niranjana Dental Clinic

  292. Haleshi Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  293. Shubhakamana Pathology Laboretory

  294. Popular Dental Clinic

  295. Shamakhusi Dental

  296. Neuro Clinic

  297. We Serve Polyclinic P L

  298. National Dialysis Center P L

  299. Sasa Dental Clinic P :L

  300. Alive Clinic P L

  301. P G Dental Care Home P L

  302. Jayantipur Polyclinic P L

  303. Lamjung Dental Clinic P L

  304. Ilama Health Solution

  305. Manakamana Dental Clinic P L

  306. Shubha Bihani Dental Clinic P L

  307. Divyan Shree Swasthya Clinic

  308. Modern Diagnostic Center

  309. Sewa Health Care Center

  310. Hamro Shikhar Besi Clinic

  311. Gorakhnath Health Clinic

  312. Bashundhara Health Care Center

  313. Rijal Public Health Care Center

  314. Kasyap Medical Center

  315. Khuma Pharmacy

  316. Radha Health Care Center P L

  317. D N A Medical Center Pvt Ltd

  318. Yashin Clinic

  319. Medico Dental Care P L

  320. Capital Medical Center P L

  321. Nepal Kidney Hospital

  322. Helping Hands Community Hospital

  323. Lotus Medical Center P L

  324. Sunaulo Bhabisya Nepal

  325. Titan Health Care Center

  326. Valley Polyclinic International Heal Care P L

  327. Syrup Medical Center P L

  328. Syrup Medical Center P L

  329. Neo Health Clinic and Lab P L

  330. Asribad Swasthya Sewa Clinic

  331. Seasons Medical Center

  332. Alka Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  333. Era Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  334. Surendra Pathology Clinic

  335. Gorkha Daraudi Dental Clinic

  336. Nippon Medical Center P L

  337. Dirghayu Dental Clinic P L

  338. Nobel Dental Home P L

  339. Bypass Polyclinic

  340. Kasthamandap Dental P L

  341. Gorakha Gandaki Clinic

  342. Sigma Health Clinic and Path Lab

  343. Clinic Swasthya Sewa Kendra / Clinic Health Care Center

  344. Uniq Diagnostic Polyclinic Laboratory P L

  345. National Health Pathology Center P L

  346. Jarina swasthya Clinic

  347. Mission Dental Clinic P L

  348. Kripa Clinic

  349. Managya Doctor Clinic P L

  350. Kumari Yuva Club

  351. Bhagawati Medical

  352. Era Health Center P L

  353. Banasthali Health Care Foundation & Research Center

  354. Shubha Dental Clinic P L

  355. Kumari Free Clinic

  356. D and K Treatment Center

  357. Sangam Medical Care Center

  358. Samudayik Swasthya Sewa Parishad

  359. Natural Youn rog Upachar Kendra

  360. Shulabh Dental Care

  361. Parimal Dental Care Center Pvt.Ltd

  362. Lekali Oral & Health care Center Pvt.Ltd

  363. Kalyan Dental Clinic pvt.Ltd

  364. Swasth Samaj Bikas tatha Anusandhan Kendra

  365. Shantipur Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  366. Swastik Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  367. K Genearal Hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd

  368. Jana sewa Polyclinic & Medical Center Pvt Ltd

  369. Clinic at for Clinic Research and Diagnostic Center

  370. Swayambhu Dental Hospital Pvt Ltd

  371. Mediline Health Care Center

  372. Chamati Clinic

  373. Swoyambhu Health Care Center

  374. Deepkamal Dental Care P L

  375. Akar Dental Clinic P L

  376. Surya Prakash Health Care Center P L

  377. A B Siddhartha Dental Home

  378. Kathmandu City Dental Home P L

  379. Shubh-Iksha Poly Clinic & Health care Pvt.Ltd

  380. Subha Ichha Physio Therapy and Fitness Center P L

  381. His Holiness Buddha Maitrey Treatment Healing Center

  382. Sunaulo Swasthya Nepal

  383. Unique Dental Home

  384. Okhati Poly Clinic

  385. Tiwari Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  386. U and P Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  387. Sagarmatha Poly Clinic and Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  388. Sagarmatha Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  389. Sajha Swasthya Clinic

  390. Sukhi Pariwar Clinic

  391. Healthy Network Nepal Pvt.Ltd

  392. City Valey Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  393. Saphal Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  394. Delight Dental Care

  395. Chandragiri Chikitsalaya & Dental Clinic pvt.Ltd

  396. Siddhi Sai Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  397. Sampark Dental Clinic

  398. Hamro Oral & Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  399. Kalimati Dental Home

  400. Raj Bhandari Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  401. Sign Dental Pvt.Ltd

  402. Kalimati Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd.

  403. Prachur Health Care Centre

  404. Thankot Hospice Centre

  405. Himal Samudayik Ekikrit Poly Clinic & Research Center (Himal Swasthya Sahakari Sanstha)

  406. J and J Academy Pvt.Ltd

  407. Smriti Polyclinic And Diagnosis Centre Pvt.Ltd

  408. Drishti Eye Care Centre Pvt.Ltd

  409. Samrat Polyclinic and Medical Centre Pvt.Ltd

  410. Subha Health Care Pvt.Ltd

  411. R Diagnostic & Health Care Centre Pvt.Ltd

  412. Family Care Clinic

  413. Reference Laboratory and Diagnostic Pvt.Ltd

  414. Sanjivini Diagnostic Lab Centre

  415. Kalanki Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  416. Neelam Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  417. City Centre Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  418. Universal Dental Hospital and Lab Training Institute

  419. Bhattarai Pathology Sewa Pvt.Ltd

  420. Spark Poly Clinic Pvt Ltd

  421. Nawa Janasewa Nepal

  422. Shrijana Swasthya Clinic

  423. Jay Om Clinic P L

  424. Ishwor Medical and Clinic

  425. Hak Clinic

  426. Genious Health Clinic

  427. Subarna Nepal (Branch)

  428. Rita Health Care Center

  429. Naulo Dental Care Home P L

  430. Om Samaj Dental Hospital

  431. Kalimati Chest Hospital (NATA)

  432. Nischit Dental Care P L

  433. Awon Kalimati Clinic

  434. Merie Stopes Center

  435. National Parasite Control and Communicable Disease Center

  436. Gorkha Upachar Health Center

  437. Advance Oral Dental Hospital (Branch)

  438. Relience Medicare and Research Center

  439. Jana Polyclinic

  440. Kirtipur Samudayik Swasthya Kendra

  441. Rina Medical Hall

  442. Seshnarayan Medical Hall Pvt.Ltd

  443. Shree Bagh Bhairav poly Clinic & pharmacy Pvt.Ltd

  444. Perfect Smile Oral & Dental Clic Pvt.Ltd

  445. Union Jan Swathya Clinic

  446. Kritipur Optical & Eye Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  447. Kritipur Eye Upachar Kendra

  448. Jhingu Das Clinic

  449. Ugratara Unique Swasthya Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  450. Kritipur Eye Upachar Kendra

  451. A and A Medical Center

  452. Swastik Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  453. Su-Laxan Kriti Health Center, Chobhar

  454. Kritipur Oral Dental Pvt.Ltd

  455. Healthy Living Services

  456. Subarna Nepal

  457. Nirvana Health Clinic

  458. Kshitiz Health Care Center

  459. Nabin Health Care P L

  460. Sakomal Pharmacy and Clinic

  461. Kirtipur Hospital ( PHECT Nepal)

  462. Friends of Kirtipur Clinic

  463. Community Health Service Center (Samudayik Swasthya Sewa Kendra)

  464. Pharping Pharmacy

  465. Man Mohan Hospital

  466. Palyul Clinic and Pharmacy P L

  467. Dakshinkali Polyclinic and Health Care Center

  468. Green Tara Trust

  469. Valley Maternity Nurshing Home Pvt Ltd

  470. Siddhi Poly Clinic Health Services Pvt.Ltd

  471. Charma Rog sewa Kendra Pvt.Ltd

  472. Kathmandu Neuro Diagnostic & Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  473. Kathmandu Clinic

  474. Kathmandu Health Home pvt.Ltd

  475. Kathmandu Ultrasound Clinic

  476. Shantasulabh Matri Sishu Clinic

  477. Amila Clinic

  478. Jasmin Pharmacy & Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  479. Siddhi Poly Path lab Pvt Ltd

  480. Ekata Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  481. Ninoj Baby Wellness Center pvt.Ltd

  482. Shree Satya Sai Swasthya Sewa Kendra

  483. Civil Dental Home

  484. ShiShu Well Baby Clinic

  485. Dental Planet Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  486. Abhash Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  487. The Orthodontic Center Pvt.Ltd

  488. Oral & Dental Clinic

  489. Neighbourhood Dental Clinic

  490. Dent Inn Pvt.Ltd

  491. Health “32”Orthodenatal Clinic pvt.Ltd

  492. Oral Solution The Dental Clinic

  493. Plaza Dental Clinic

  494. Bright Smile Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  495. Kathmandu Dental Pvt.Ltd

  496. Khaptad Dental Pvt.Ltd

  497. Asian Poly Clinic & Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  498. Life Care Prince Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  499. Health Home & Natural health Care Pvt.Ltd

  500. Capital Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  501. Metro Radiology & Immazing P L

  502. Siddhartha Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  503. Medi Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  504. Bibhor Poly ClinicPvt.Ltd

  505. Universal Diagnostic Center

  506. Agrim Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  507. Shajha Metro Dental Clinic

  508. Ora Care Peridontic Clinic

  509. Shanta Global Pathology

  510. Golden Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  511. Capital Hospital

  512. Siddhi Imazing & Diagnostic Pvt.Ltd

  513. Bhrikuti Poly Clinic P L

  514. Smile Team Dental Practice Pvt.Ltd

  515. Aroma Dental Pvt.Ltd

  516. Sajha Metro Denatl Clinic

  517. Kathmandu ENT Hospital Pvt Ltd

  518. Prashanna Diagnostic Center

  519. Shubha Ultrasound Clinic

  520. Swasti Ledger and Skin Care Pvt. Ltd

  521. Kathmandu Clinic Of Cosmetic Surgery

  522. Kathmandu Path Lab and Diagnostic Center Pvt Ltd

  523. Apolo Polyclinic Pvt Ltd

  524. Ie Care Pvt Ltd

  525. Siddhi Polyclinic Health Service P L

  526. Kunta Devi Health Care and Diagnostic Center Pvt Ltd

  527. Vatsalya Health Care

  528. Cosmic Dental Care Home P L

  529. Nepal Thalassaemia Society

  530. Savitri Clinic and Diagnostic

  531. Mata Manakamana Arogya Clinic

  532. Ojaswi Orthopedic Clinic P L

  533. Prashiddhi Pathology Lab P L

  534. Chirayu Polyclinic P L

  535. Vivanta Dental P L

  536. Maitidevi Dental Clinic P L

  537. Meerra Dental Clinic

  538. Shi-gan Health Foundation ( Branch )

  539. Center For Liver Disease

  540. Sai Milan Medical Lounge P L

  541. Arogin Health Care and Research Center P L

  542. Everest New Pathology

  543. Sunaulo Pariwar Nepal

  544. Merie Stopes Center

  545. Helping Health Polyclinic P L

  546. Lava Kush Denatl Hospital

  547. Lava Kush Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center

  548. MSC Putalisadak

  549. Healthy Home & Natural Health Care Center Pvt.Ltd

  550. Nirvana Wellness Clinic

  551. United Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  552. JM Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  553. City Health Care & City Healthy Smile Pvt.Ltd

  554. Amira X-ray Ultra sound Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  555. Advance Poly Clinic P L

  556. Om anmol Poly Clinic & Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  557. Intrepid Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  558. Mata Harati Pathology lab

  559. Paropakar Sanstha

  560. Cuspid Oral & Maxilofacial Implant Center Pvt.Ltd

  561. Kathmandu Heart Clinic

  562. Maha Bouddha Clinic

  563. Save Way Thamel Pharmacy Pvt.Ltd

  564. Optic Heart Pvt.Ltd

  565. Raj Dental Clinic

  566. Nistha Diagnostic Center

  567. Dr Nirankarman shresth cilinic

  568. Valley Dental Cilinic

  569. Tripura Health Lab

  570. Budha Mini Mall Axis Inter Webson Center PVT

  571. Serchan Dental Cilinic PVT

  572. Wild Dental Clinic PVT

  573. Dental Link PVT

  574. Danta Chiktsak PVT ltd

  575. Swastha DentaL Cilinic

  576. The Dental Venue PVT ltd

  577. Advance Dental Care PVT ltd

  578. Well Dental Cilinic PVT LTd

  579. Dharahara Dental PVT ltd

  580. Smarika Signature Dental PVT ltd

  581. Model Dental Cilinic P L

  582. The Perfect Smile Ortho Dental Cilinic

  583. Thamel Dental Cilinic PVT ltd

  584. Healthy Dental Clinic Pvt LTD

  585. New Road Dental Service Pvt Ltd

  586. Kumari Dental Care Pvt ltd

  587. Nardevi Dental Sewa PVT ltd

  588. Dental Aark Pvt ltd

  589. Asal Daat Banaunea

  590. Naryan Pariwar Club

  591. Dental And Gum Care Cilinic

  592. Royal Medical Center

  593. Prakash Poly Cilinic pvt ltd

  594. Eone Medical Center Pvt ltd

  595. Swornim Polyclincic And Diagonosis Center PVT ltd

  596. Health Care Clinic

  597. Nawa Jyoti Netralaya Pvt Ltd

  598. Anmol Medical Center Pvt ltd

  599. Kathmandu Imagic Pvt Ltd

  600. Kathmandu Polyclinic and Pathalogy Pvt Ltd

  601. Jaya Gosaikunda Laboratory and Clinic

  602. Well Care Poly Clinic Pvt Ltd

  603. Relief Health Care Pvt Ltd

  604. Jiwanta Advance Kathmandu Imagine

  605. Nepal Diagonostic Center

  606. Intrepid Nepal Pvt Lid

  607. Blue Bird International Clinic

  608. S P Dental Pvt Ltd

  609. Kathmandu Physiotherapy Clinic

  610. Kathmandu Dental Home Pvt Ltd

  611. Blue Cross Diagnostic Center Pvt Ltd

  612. Venus Dental Clinic Pvt Ltd

  613. D B Brighter Dental care Pvt Ltd

  614. Healthy Smile Pvt Ltd

  615. Sudrishti Eye Clinic Pvt Ltd

  616. Dental Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  617. Drishti The Vision Eye Center

  618. Life Care Hospital Pvt Ltd

  619. Blue Cross Hospital Pvt Ltd

  620. Grandi City Clinic (Hospital) and Diagnostic Service Pvt Ltd

  621. Man Phyisiotherapy Center Pvt Ltd

  622. Jaya Gosaikunda Diebetes, Kidney, Thyroid Home Pvt Ltd

  623. Oro Dental and Orthopedic Clinic

  624. Siddhi USG Clinic Pvt Ltd

  625. Medico Dental Home Pvt Ltd

  626. Sooriya Dignostic Pvt.Ltd

  627. Teku Lab Pathology Sewa

  628. Remedy Medical Clinic

  629. Nims Group Pvt Ltd

  630. Namaste Eye Center Pvt Ltd

  631. Asia Pacific Health Care Center P L

  632. R.P Polyclinic Pvt Ltd

  633. E Dental Clinic P L

  634. Zenith Clinic P L

  635. Sajha Ultrasound P L

  636. Muskan Multidisciplinary Dental Center P L

  637. Kushal Dental Clinic P L

  638. Shriti Dental Care Clinic

  639. Medico Home Pvt Ltd

  640. Kamalakshi Clinic

  641. Sworgadwari dental clinic

  642. Kirti Health Care Center

  643. Komal Clinic P L

  644. Kshetrapati Clinic P L

  645. Sankata Clinic P L

  646. Kathmandu Eye Center P L

  647. Lokhit Dental Hospital and Research P L

  648. Sindhu Polyclinic and Reference Laboratory

  649. Goodwill Health Care Center P L

  650. Durbar marg Dental Clinic

  651. Sherchan Dental Clinic

  652. Himalaya Dental Service & Research Center P L

  653. Sooriya Health Care P L

  654. Dirgha Jeevan Health Care and Research Center P L

  655. Menopose Society Of Nepal

  656. City Dental Care P L

  657. Narayan Pariwar Club

  658. Sport Medicine and Research Center

  659. Sunshine Medical and Research Center

  660. Om Siddhi Polyclinic and Medical Center

  661. Hilltake Saaol Heart Center P L

  662. Kshetrapati Free Clinic Hospital P L

  663. SACTS Nepal

  664. Apple Medical Center P L (Branch)

  665. City Dental Care Center P L

  666. Asia Pacific Polyclinic P L

  667. Jamal Drishti Eye Care Center P L

  668. Saudi Nepal Medical Center

  669. Jagaran Clinic Pvt Lltd

  670. Cutis Care Pvt Ltd

  671. Rural Health Education and Service Center

  672. China Gratewall Health Center

  673. Satya Sai Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd.

  674. Smile Crapper Arthodentic Studio Centre For Cosmetic Day Centre P L

  675. Vigour Super Speciality Clinic and Diagnostic Center

  676. Lotus Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  677. Shikhar Medical & Dianostic Center Pvt Ltd

  678. Medicare National Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  679. Alliance Medical & Research Center Pvt.Ltd

  680. Megha Medical Center P L

  681. Shikhar Public Polyclinic Pvt Ltd

  682. Alfresko Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  683. Jeevan Darsan Health Center

  684. Remid Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center

  685. Samanantar Polyclinic P L

  686. Global Medical Center

  687. Golf Spring Medical Center

  688. L and R Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center

  689. U V Swasthya Clinic

  690. Gorkha Gandaki Swathya Clinic

  691. Nepal Janswasthya Kendra Pvt.Ltd

  692. Nawa Smriti Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  693. S. X-ray Clinic

  694. Mediplus Healthcare Center Pvt.Ltd

  695. Nagarjun Health Care Center Pvt.Ltd

  696. Kirat Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  697. Dibeteas, Thyroid & Heart Center Nepal Pvt.Ltd

  698. Gorkhali Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  699. United Dental Center

  700. Om Prakritik Dental Clinic

  701. Gorkhali Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  702. Katyani Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  703. Osho Smile Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  704. Ajima Dental& General Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  705. Dental Garden Pvt.Ltd

  706. Motherland Healthcare & Counseling Center

  707. Sa-Sandhya Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  708. Dhorpatan Swasthya Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  709. Samrat Poly Clinic & Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  710. Sulabh Health Poly Clinic & Pathology Pvt.Ltd

  711. Nyun Shulka Danta Chikitsalaya

  712. Shesmati Poly Clinic & Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  713. Teresha Poly Clinic & diagnostic Center

  714. BB Health care Center Pvt.Ltd

  715. Bangalamukhi Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd.

  716. Mahaguthi Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  717. Jayanti Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  718. Om Sai baba memorial Poly Clinic

  719. Pipal Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  720. Shree Dental home Pvt.Ltd

  721. Balaju Swathya Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  722. Creative Dental Clinic

  723. Gorkha kali Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  724. Mishan Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  725. Kalimati Ultrasound Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  726. Jan sarobar Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  727. Kebhin Rohan Smriti Parya Pratishthan

  728. Community Oral and Dental Care Center

  729. Dantakali Health Foundation and Dental Clinic P L

  730. B. Damak Dental Hospital & Research Center

  731. Central Diagnostic Laboratory and Research Center P L

  732. Dental Diagnostic pvt.Ltd

  733. Nepal Hearing & Speech Caring Center

  734. Dental Imerging Center Pvt ltd

  735. Samma International Holistic Services Pvt Ltd

  736. Travel and Mountain Medicine Center P L

  737. Blue Cross Dental P L

  738. Modern Diagnostic Hearing Center

  739. Samaj Dental Care Clinic Pvt Ltd

  740. Binayak Dental Clinic Pvt Ltd

  741. Sai Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center PL

  742. Sudarshan Clinic P L

  743. Kantipur Diagnostic Center Pvt Ltd

  744. National Reference Laboratory

  745. Sunshine Medical Center Pvt Ltd

  746. Shrijana Medical Center and Polyclinic P L

  747. Fusion Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  748. Buddha International Medical Center P L

  749. Himal International Medical Center P L

  750. Sahara Health Center P L

  751. Metro Optical & Eye Clinic

  752. Dental Care Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  753. Reliable Health Care Pathology clinic

  754. Nawa Panus Dental & Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  755. International Health Care & Diagnostic Center

  756. Panasiya Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  757. Ganga Heart Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  758. New Oral & Dental Clinic

  759. Dental Vision Pvt.Ltd

  760. Cuties Path Lab Pvt.Ltd

  761. Kasthmadap Dental Clinic

  762. Dental Squares Pvt.Ltd

  763. Creation Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  764. Well Care Dental Clinic

  765. Yalyor Dental Clinic

  766. K.S Dental Solution

  767. Samaj Dental Hospital

  768. Sundar Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  769. Bharosa Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  770. Healthy Life International Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  771. Dirghayu Public Health Care center Pvt. Ltd

  772. Nova Tech Pathology & Diagnostic Center Pvt. Ltd

  773. Ready Pathology Pvt. Ltd

  774. Shubham Poly Clinic & Diagnostic Center

  775. Nepal Korea Skin Hospital & Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  776. Binayak Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  777. Chhimeki Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  778. Siddhi Poly Clinic & Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  779. Prudential Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  780. Lord Buddha Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  781. Advance Center For Genome Technolology Pvt.Ltd

  782. Nisantan Kendra Pvt.Ltd

  783. Om Dental Clinic & Dental Implant Center Pvt.Ltd

  784. Jagaran Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  785. Jagaran Dental Home Pvt.Ltd

  786. Rastriya Namuna Dental Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  787. ENT Care Center Nepal Pvt.Ltd

  788. Everest Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  789. Samyak Payhology Lab Pvt.Ltd

  790. Jay Siddheshwori Lab & x-ray Pvt.Ltd

  791. Krishtina Labortories

  792. Aakash Ganga Medical Hall P L

  793. Supa Deurali Health Care Center

  794. ENT Care Center Nepal P L

  795. Kantipur Path Lab P L

  796. Lions Eye Hospital

  797. Elite Pathology Clinic P L

  798. Anu Shree Swasthya Sewa P L

  799. Doctor Smart Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center

  800. Kidney Endocraine And Neuro Center (KEN)

  801. Shankhamul Clinic

  802. Reliable Health Care Pathology Lab Pvt Ltd

  803. Nepal Diebetes(Thyroid) Endocrinology and Physician Center

  804. Better Health Care Clinic P L

  805. Nepal Skin Hospital

  806. Dental and Denture Home

  807. Dental Health Care Center P L

  808. Everest Health Home Service P L

  809. Life International Clinic P L

  810. Max Polyclinic P L

  811. Reliable Diagnostic Laboratory Nepal P L

  812. Om Shanti Samajik Sanstha

  813. Nepal Health Clinic P L

  814. Prudential Poly Clinic and Pathology P L

  815. Krown Laboratory and Referral Center

  816. Jyoti Agrawal Clinic P L

  817. Sungava Polyclinic P L

  818. Youth Vision

  819. Venus International Hospital

  820. Namuna Medical Center P L

  821. Api Dental Care Pvt Ltd

  822. Gandhi Tulasi Manohara Community Health care center Pvt Ltd

  823. Aims Dental Clinic Pvt Ltd

  824. Dibya Jyoti Diagnostic and Medical Center Pvt Ltd

  825. Shrijansil Health Care Pvt Ltd

  826. Singapur Gorkha Polyclinic P L

  827. Japan Nepal Swasthya Tatha TB Research Sanstha (JANTRA)

  828. Kaniska International Health Care Center P L

  829. Nepal Janata Diagnostic & Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  830. Sea Link Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  831. Gothatar Poly Clinic & Lab Center Pvt.Ltd

  832. Sunaulo Bhabishya Nepal

  833. Alive Swasthya Clinic Pvt. Ltd

  834. Sanjivini Health Center Pvt.Ltd

  835. Sanjivani Medical Center P L

  836. Texas Medical Center P L

  837. Himalaya Diagnostic Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  838. Health & Health Nepal pvt.Ltd

  839. Nepal Skin Care Center Pvt.Ltd

  840. Advance Oral Dental Hospital

  841. Siddhi Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  842. Yams Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  843. Confident Dental Home

  844. Shubha Shree Dental Care

  845. Gandhi Tulasi Manahora Community Health Care Pvt.Ltd

  846. Kalika Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  847. Alisha Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  848. Merit Multi Care Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  849. Life Multicare Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  850. Janata Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  851. Samrat Medical Hall Pvt.Ltd

  852. Shree Kunta Poly Clinic & Health Care Center Pvt.Ltd

  853. Health Care Diagnostic Pvt.Ltd

  854. Talent Medical & Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  855. Singapur Gorkha Poly Clinic Center

  856. Saraha Clinic & Pathology

  857. Nojomi Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  858. A Life Clinic Pvt Ltd

  859. Jan Kalyan Nepal

  860. Gulf International Medical & Diagnostic Center pvt.Ltd

  861. Bindhbasini Medical Center

  862. United Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  863. Bhuju Everest Dental Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  864. Sangotri Dental Care Home

  865. Surya Jana Sewa Health Care Pvt.Ld

  866. Helena Binayak Dental Hospital Pvt.Ltd

  867. Upakar Polyclinic Pvt.Ltd

  868. Yalisha poly Clinic

  869. Akash Bhairav Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  870. Shree Jansewa Poly Clinic & Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  871. Inter Mountain Health Care & Diagnostic Center

  872. Dirgha Jiveen Poly Clinic pvt.Ltd

  873. Sudha Medical Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  874. Texas Poly Clinic & Diagnostic Center

  875. Madina Medical Center pvt.Ltd

  876. Sai Samrpan physiotherapyYoga Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  877. Api Dental Care Pvt.Ltd

  878. Lalupate Poly Clinic

  879. Saugat poly Clinic PvtLtd

  880. Anurag Medical Center

  881. Hamro Sahayatri Hospital and Birthing Center

  882. Srijanshil Health Care and Diagnostic Center P L

  883. Vision Polyclinic P L

  884. Good Health Diagnostic Clinic P L

  885. Bal Krishna Pharmacy and Health Care Center P L

  886. Kantipur Healthy Homes Swasthya Clinic P L

  887. Motherland Hospital P L

  888. Harisiddhi Clinic and Pathology Center

  889. Sagotri Dental Care Home

  890. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Information Center P L

  891. Life Medical Center P L

  892. Upakar National Health Care Center P L

  893. Shree Kunta Polyclinic Research Center

  894. Manju Shree Medical Center P L

  895. Jana Sewa Nepal

  896. Namaste Medical and Diagnostic Center

  897. Koteswor Sanjeevani Health Care Center

  898. City Polyclinic P L

  899. Chetana Swasthya Sewa Kendra

  900. Panacea H Clinic

  901. Bindhabasini Health Care Center Pvt Ltd

  902. Apple Medical Center P L

  903. Safal Medical Center P L

  904. K. Diagnostic Center P L

  905. Samrat Medical Hall P L

  906. Sungava Clinic P L

  907. Sewa Kendra Kustharog Niwaran

  908. Green Medical Center P L

  909. Apple International Polyclinic Pvt Ltd

  910. Aishworya Medical Center

  911. Khajana Medical Center Pvt Ltd

  912. Baba Medical Center Pvt Ltd

  913. Madina Medical Center Pvt Ltd

  914. Ma Janaki International Medical Center P L

  915. Kasthamandap Health Care Center P L

  916. A Quality Health Care and Diagnostic Center P L

  917. Akabar Medical Center

  918. Akhand Polyclinic Pvt Ltd

  919. Revive Polyclinic Pvt Ltd

  920. Relable Polyclinic & Pathology Lab PL

  921. National center for Rheumatic Disease

  922. Puja Medical Diagnostic Pvt.Ltd

  923. Alish Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  924. Abaran Skin Clinic

  925. NMC Diagnostic & Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  926. Purna Chandra Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  927. Advance Imaging & Diagnostic Center pvt.Ltd

  928. Sinamangal Health Care & Diagnostic pvt.Ltd

  929. Jaya shree Pashupati Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  930. Front Line Medical Center

  931. Anmol Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  932. World wide Medical center & Poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  933. Airport Doctors clinic Pvt.Ltd

  934. The Smile Empress Dental Care

  935. Care Dental Clinic

  936. Akhanda Medical Center Pvt.Ltd

  937. Om Global Aankha Kendra

  938. Reliable Poly Clinic & Pathology Lab

  939. San Medical health care & poly Clinic Pvt.Ltd

  940. Bhenus Medical health Care & Research Center Pvt.Ltd

  941. Pancea’H’ clinic Pvt.Ltd

  942. Lalupate Medical Center

  943. Well Care hospital & Research center

  944. Khusbu Health Care & Diagnostic Center Pvt.Ltd

  945. Tribeni Medical Center pvt.Ltd

  946. Om Siddhi Binayak Dental Home

  947. Triveni Medical Center P L

  948. Sungava Clinic P L

  949. Community Dental Clinic

  950. Cosmos Medical Center P L

  951. Upachar Health Care Center

  952. Capital Dental Clinic P L

  953. Nepal Bharat Maitri Hospital P L

  954. Suryamsha Clinic P L

  955. Decode Genomics and Research Center

  956. Sahara Clinic & Pathology Pvt.Ltd

  957. Bal Watabaran Center Nepal (Bal Swasthya)

  958. SWACON International Hospital P L

  959. South Asian Health Care Center P L

  960. Trishuli Medical Clinic P L

  961. M V Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center P L

  962. Blue Diamond Society


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