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Eight Study Tips for Medical Students

Studying medicine is one of hard task. But if it is well organized and systematic it will be easy task. So below are some of the points for eight study tips for medical student for studying the medical subject
Study Tip One – Keep everything organized.
Medicine is not small volume course so at first start to build strategy on complex concepts. Lots area of concepts of study subject can be broken down and grouped into organized form of steps and easily recall the ordered steps. For example Take one general topic, and list all its subtopics in it. Make concise diagrams so that you can review them for quick references
Study Tip Two – Start with the big picture.
Take any unit or subject in the beginning of your studies and get a rough idea of what you will be covering about it.  While you are skimming through, decide which material must be understood and which are to be given less priority. Take your time and think through the steps of the major concepts while you have plenty of time. More than likely, the main facts will only reside in your short-term memory and only memorize words and diseases you don’t understand firstly.

Study Tip Three – Know the terminology and nomenclature well.
Pay attention to the main word. Take hypertrophy for example, which describes an increase in cell size… If hyper- is added to any term, it usually means an increase, or greater than normal levels. So it is easy to see how the pathologic process of increased cell size is described by knowing its term hypertrophy.
Study Tip Four – Compare and contrast.
Every time you are studying something, ask yourself and make concept like “How this is different from others and how this is similar to . . . ?”  Some common examples are Benign vs. Malignant, Transudate vs. Exudate, Reversible vs. Irreversible, close fracture versus Open and so on
Study Tip Five – Study every single day, Be Regular habit of studying
Being a good student needs developing good and regular study habits. Even if you can’t study every single day, try to read at least a little bit whenever and wherever you can.
Study Tip Six – Study in a group
Single studying is monotonous and annoying sometime so make habit of group study with colleagues or the friends. Generally you should do all your studying on your own, and use group studying time as a review or to clarify confusing points
Study Tip Seven Translate the notes into your own words,
When you make your notes it’s easy to read and understand your own version. This helps you internalize the knowledge in a way you can easily access.
Study Tip Eight – Enjoy what you are doing
Whenever find yourself getting bored while you are on study, stop it. Do Take a break, and think of a way to make what you are studying interesting, whether that is by turning it into a game, making it interactive, more visual, or even reading interesting case reports online of a related disease.


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