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MN, MSc Nursing and Midwifery syllabus for MECEE-PG Entrance Exam

MN, MSc Nursing/Midwifery syllabus for MECEE-PG Entrance Exam in common medical entrance exam

Medical Education Commission  is responsible for conducting the Postgraduate Entrance Examination  as a common medical entrance exam in Nepal

Here is the syllabus for the master-level nursing exam as MN, MSc Nursing, and Master Midwifery. They will help with the exam and else.

Master in Nursing (MN)/Master of Science (MSc) Nursing/Midwifery:

A.   Eligibility:

  • BN/BNS/BSc. Nursing/B Midwifery (B.Mid is eligible only for MSc. Midwifery program).
  • Registered in Nepal Nursing Council.
  • Registered in the respective professional council of the applicant’s own country for foreign candidates.
  • One-year experience.
  • Candidate should score a minimum of 50% (pass marks) in the Entrance Examinations conducted by the Medical Education Commission to be eligible to be on the merit list.

B.    Examination Format:

  • Question type: Single best response type of multiple-choice questions
  • Option: Four options (A, B, C, D)
  • Number of questions: 200
  • Full marks: 200
  • Cognitive radio: Recall:Understanding: Application – 30:50:20
  • Duration: 3 hours

C.   Weightage:

S.N. Subjects Marks
1. Adult nursing (Medical surgical nursing) 20
2. Midwifery 20
3. Pediatric nursing (Child health nursing) 20
4. Community health nursing 20
5. Psychiatric nursing (Mental health nursing) 20
6. Nursing research & biostatistics 20
7. Integrated health science  
  a. Anatomy 6
  b. Physiology 4
  c. Pharmacology 4
  d. Biochemistry 2
  e. Microbiology 2
  f.    Pathology 2
8. Educational science 16
9. Nursing concepts & ethical aspects in nursing 16
10. Nursing leadership & management 16
11. Social and behavioral science 6
12. Geriatric nursing 6
  Total 200


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