List of Nepal Goverment National Health Trainning Books list

Here are the the list of the the training mannuls, books, booklets published by Nepal government  health training department published on different years. These books are availated at differnt book stores around the nepal

Books list

SN Name of publication Category Year
1 National Health Training Strategy Booklet 2004 AD
2 Mini Laparotomy Course handbook Hand book 2005 AD
3 Mini Laparotomy Under Local Anesthesia Reference Manual 2005 AD
4 No-Scalpel Vasectomy Reference Manual Manual 2006 AD
5 No-Scalpel Vasectomy Course handbook for Participants Hand book 2006 AD
6 Basic Health Logistic Management Training for MCHW/VHW Reference Manual 2006 AD Re-print 2007
7 Basic Health Logistic Management Training for MCHW/VHW Participants Hndbook 2006 AD Re-print 2007
8 Financial Management Public Procurement Training Guideline 2006 AD Revised 2008
9 MCHW Refresher Training Guideline 2062 BS
10 Essential Health Care Management Capacity building Training Manual 2062 BS
11 Midwifery Reference Training Guideline 2062 BS
12 Clinical Training Skills Course Notebook Reference Guide 2062 BS Re-print 2062
13 Health Institutions Operation/Management Revised Guideline Guideline 2063 BS 2nd Edition 2065
14 Health Institutions Operation/Management Committee Hand book 2065 BS
15 Clinical Experience Logbook for SBA Logbook 2065 BS
16 Behavior Change Communication Training Trainers Guide 2065 BS
17 Reference Manual on Behavior Change Communication Training Reference Manual 2066 BS Re-print
18 Maternal Newborn care Guidebook 2009 AD
19 Maternal Newborn care Guidebook 2009 AD
20 Maternal Newborn care Clinical Experience Logbook Logbook 2009 AD
21 Curriculum for Senior Auxiliary Health Workers Training Curriculum 2009 AD Revised
22 COFP Counseling for FP Reference Manual 2066 BS 3rd edition
23 COFP Counseling for FP Handbook 2066 BS 3rd edition
24 PHC/ORC Strengthening Training Guideline Guideline 2066 BS 3rd edition
25 Family Planning Implant Reference Manual 2066 BS
26 Family Planning Implant Handbook 2066 BS
27 Implant Course Notebook for Trainers Trainer’s Guide 2009 AD
28 District Health Training Skill Development Program Trainer’s Guide 2066 BS Re-print
29 District Health Training Skill Development Program Exercise book 2066 BS Re-print
30 VHW Training Manual Manual 2066 BS Revised
31 FCHV Training Manual Manual 2066 BS Revised
32 FP Service Refresher Training Reference Book 2066 BS 2nd Edition
33 FP Service Refresher Training Handbook 2066 BS 2nd Edition
34 HMIS Trainer’s Guide Trainer’s Guide 2066 BS Revised
35 COPE/PLA (Client Oriented Providers Efficient Participatory Learning Action) Trainer’s Guide
36 Operation Theatre Techniques Management on Safe Motherhood Reference Manual 2010 AD
37 IUCD for Family planning Service Reference Manual 2010 AD 4th Edition
38 Maternal Newborn Care Supplementary Reference for SBA Trainers/Participant 2010 AD
39 Participant’s Individual Profile (SBA) Profile 2010 AD
40 Maternal Newborn Care Hand book 2010 AD
41 IUCD Course Notebook for Trainers Note book 2010 AD 4th Edition
42 IUCD Course Notebook for Participants Hand book 2010 AD 4th Edition
43 RH in Emergency settings Manual 2067 BS

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