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Ayurvedic Tips To Gain Weight

To gain weight seems to be as difficult as losing weight for some people. For persons who are under weight and too skinny, gaining weight becomes an impossible task. Now let’s make this difficult task easy with highly effective tips from Ayurveda.

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Below are given some of the simple but impressive weight gain techniques that you can practice and gain your weight back.

Ashwagandha For Weight Gain

Ashwagandha is an excellent herb to promote weight gain. Two capsules/tablets or 1/2 teaspoon of ashwagandha can be mixed with a glass of full fat milk and organic sugar. Have this at night. Ashwagandha lehyam, ajamamsa lehyam and other formulations are also used for weight gain.


This is one thing which is not only popular for weight gain but also for the whole body builds up. It helps to increase the immunity against fighting diseases. The best part is it can be taken by any sex or age.

You can say this tonic is for everybody. It also substantially helps in increasing the strength of your body and bones. Take two teaspoons of this every day and you will see the result for yourself.

Exercise And Yoga

People who are anxious to gain weight must definitely do some form of physical activity. This promotes the appetite and strengthens metabolism.

Add Ghee To Your Food

Ghee has the ability to increase body dhatus or tissues. It also increases the appetite and digestion, while reducing vata. So persons desiring to gain weight must add a teaspoon of ghee to their lunch. One teaspoon of ghee can also be added to a glass of milk and consumed before going to bed.

Raisins and Figs

Take about 6 figs and 30 grams of raisin and soak them in water for about 12-16 hours. Next day eat them at two different periods of the day. This will help in gaining a balanced body weight.

Mango and Milk

Take three mangoes at different times of the day followed by a glass of water. Do this for around one month. This can help significantly in gaining weight.

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