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Unexplained Infertility? Have You Considered Ovulation Induction Treatment?

When any couple is not able to conceive a baby then it means they are facing infertility problems. There are many causes behind infertility such as blockage of fallopian tubes etc. But, in many cases, results are positive but still, the couple is unable to conceive a pregnancy due to infertility. This type of infertility is known as “unexplained infertility”.

 Poor quality of eggs and function of tubal or sperm that are not easy to treat or diagnose, included under unexplained infertility. There are some treatments available for unexplained infertility like IUI, fertility drugs, IVF treatment, etc.

Unexplained Infertility and Ovulation Induction Treatment
Unexplained Infertility and Ovulation Induction Treatment

If a woman is unable to ovulate herself then it can be treated with ovulation induction. Let’s find out more things about ovulation induction!

 What is Ovulation Induction?

According to the study, around 40% of women are affected due to ovulatory disorders. Several women can ovulate in the normal way but still, they are unable to become pregnant.

It is also an example of unexplained infertility, which can be treated with the process of ovulation induction. 

 Working Procedure of Ovulation Induction

Many women are unable to ovulate naturally and they are not able to conceive a baby. In this regard, ovulation induction comes into existence to cure this kind of unexplained infertility.

Usually, this process is done through medications by doctors at an infertility clinic and includes the following medicines:


By enhancing the generation of FSH (follicle stimulating hormones) in the pituitary gland, this medicine helps to restore the follicles in your body. It is essential not to exceed the dosages.

It is advised to take 50mg (or prescribed by a doctor) between 2 to 6 days of the menstrual cycle. However, the doctor can increase the dose if there is no ovulation. But it is also important to stop the medications after some days because of the LH surge. In this way, a woman can ovulate after 36 hours of treatment.


To persuade the ovulation process, a doctor injects this medicine into the body of a woman. Around 5 to 12 days, women have to take these injections on a daily basis. In this way, an embryo can mature in the uterus or womb.

However, dosages may be different from one person to another. A doctor could ask you to go through several ultrasounds and tests of hormones to decide the dosages of this medicine. Afterwards, HVG injections help to persuade the ovulation process.


It is one of the important medications for the process of ovulation induction. After the 3 to 5 days of your menstrual cycle, the doctor will prescribe the dosages of this medicine.

However, the doctor can start the analysis on the 7th day. If there is no ovulation still then the doctor can increase dosages (7.5 mg per day). So, it is better to be in touch with your doctor to know the changes on a timely basis.

 What are the Cons of Ovulation Induction?

Apart from pros, ovulation induction may also have some cons (according to the study). This process is best and effective for those women who are not able to ovulate naturally. A doctor provides medications at the starting of your menstrual cycle in the process of ovulation induction. Before the treatment, you must know about these cons:

  •  There is a risk of ovarian tumors in women that is not safe.
  • The process of ovulation induction may be the reason behind gynecological cancer (in rare cases).
  • There may be chances of multiple pregnancies because of ovulation induction. According to the research, it may happen in 4% to 15% of women.
  • Usually, it may possible of having abortions in women.

 Some Common Treatments for Unexplained Infertility!

Apart from ovulation induction treatment, unexplained infertility can be treated by other methods also. Due to advanced technology and science, it is now easy to get pregnant and conceive a baby without any harm. Here are the other methods to cure unexplained infertility:

 Try Yourself: 

If you are a young lady, you must try it yourself. Keep continuing your effort and try to ovulate yourself for about 6 months to one year. After one year, you need to meet a gynecologist.


 Change your lifestyle and avoid all bad habits. Focus on weight loss (if you are over-weighted), eat healthy foods and avoid junk food along with smoking, alcohol, and drugs.


IUI treatment can be done between 3 to 6 cycles. During this period, some medications were also provided to the patient. You can also know about the IUI treatment cost at any fertility clinic.

IVF (in vitro fertilisation)

Through IVF treatment, you can also treat unexplained infertility.


With the help of surrogate mothers or donor eggs, you can get a baby. However, it is the last option which is called third-party treatment.


Last Words

If you want to cure infertility then visit a clinic to treat your fertility issues. However, it will be best for you to consult the top gynaecologist in Bangalore if you are residing in or around Bangalore. Do not take stress because the best gynaecologists are available for your help.




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