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Questions and Answers MDMS Entrance MECEE 2020

MECEE 2020 MD/MS Entrance Examination was held on 2nd Jan 2021.This is common entrance exam for pursuing MDMS degree in Nepal. One cannot enroll without passing this exam..Nepal government has started this exam from this year which was taken by individuals institute in previous years.

Questions MD/MS Entrance MECEE 2020

These Questions are collected on Memory Based which are listed as follows

1. 1.Chi square value 2.7, degree of difference 1. P value?
2. 2.Hadatid cyst…
3. 3.Rupture bladder…
4. 4.Allen’s test…
5. 5.Callot’s triangle…
6. 6.Bile salts mechanism…
7. 7.Hematopoitic organ in embryo..
8. 8.Rouleax formation…
9. 9.Starry sky pattern…
10. 10.Wilson’s disease…
11. 11.Hypoxanthine…
12. 12.Rhodopsin…
13. 13.Template of PCR…
14. 14.Pott’s puffy tumor…
15. 15.Upper GI bleeding…
16. 16.Alkaline urine.. Stone type..
17. 17.Colostrums….
18. 18.Stage IIB cervical cancer….
19. 19.Collagen type 1….
20. 20.Semicircular canal….
21. 21.Kiesselbach plexus… Major blood supply..
22. 22.Capacitation of sperm… Time..
23. 23.Carrying angle elbow…
24. 24.Bone forming tumor…
25. 25. 1st paranasal sinus….
26. 26. Soft contact lens vector…
27. 27. Opthalmia neonatrum organism…
28. 28. Supraglottic airway device…
29. 29.Rigor mortis 1st seen in…
30. 30. P- drugs means…
31. 31. Key hole sign….
32. 32. Post dural puncture needle.. Cause
33. 33. Pneumothorax caused by…
34. 34. Visual hallucination in….
35. 35. Nihilistic delusion…
36. 36. La belle indifference….
37. 37. Stratum lucidum….
38. 38. in osteopenia bone loss %
39. 39. Anti scabies treatment in pregnant women…
40. 40. Father of modern neurosurgery…
41. 41. Close suction drain…
42. Side effect of salbutamol
43. 2week fluid of choice
44. Digoxin toxicity precipitate by
45. adult cpr ratio single rescuer
46. differentiate t cell \ b cell infection
47. Swing and stance
48. Doc for mania with psychosis feature
49. Fried egg colony
50. Steroid use pain on hip since 3 month
51. Iial resection, deficiency of
52. Vitamin toxic to liver
53. Adalsent female 2016 program weekly iron tablet per year
54. Accusion on doctor compensatation by
55. Breaking bad news, start crying
56. Child in opd chamber , to restrain
57. Examination of breast in case of rape
58. Atropine and diphenoxylate
59. Filariasis is not controlled because
60. Medial leiniscus formed by
61. Investigation of choice in bladder rupture
62. Diabetes patient with albuminuria, change drug
63. 3 pap smear negative , how to proceed
64. Mc cause of acute epiglottitis
65. Physiological decrease in red cell
66. Ideal time to repair cleft lip
67. Infection control
68. Renal transplant patient with back pain, gp prescribed colchichine and probenecid, most dreadly complication
69. Who decleread pendamic to which virus in 2020
70. P drug
71. Most common carcinoma of lung in female
72. Worst prognosis of ophthalmia neonatrum
73. Sperm gets motility at
74. Alzhimer disease associated with tau protein
75. Proof reading of dna
76. Lesion on amyalgdia .. food
77. Bulla over trunk, later on mouth painful swallowing…. Auspitz sign, Nikolsky sign
78. Doc in postural hypotension
79. Midclavicular line without damaging lung
80. Lateral spinothamalic tract carries
81. Bone forming tumor
82. Chronic alcoholic, 6hrs abstinence present with tremor,
83. Doc for brucella
84. Biliary astesia hida
85. 2weeks child present with nonbilious vomiting
86. Iib ca cervix.. management
87. Earliest presentation of glotic carcinoma
88. Most common cause of thoracic anyurism atherosclerosis
89. Middle third of esophagus rupture adjacent structure
90. Mc site of mets of rcc
91. Sensitivity and specificity Construct validity
92. Radial head fracute, open reduction …. Supinate foearm to protect
93. Hand on waist and push back adaint resistance
94. Fracture medial epicpondyle … radial devn, thener loss sensation, thener atrophy,
95. Allens test is use to
96. Orbicularis oculi function
97. Previous lscs not done .. striping, oxytocin, prostaglandin, foleys
98. Most specific of psychosis .. incoherence, neologism
99. Statin fibrate, to operate , vitamin ti be supplemented
100. Carnitine defect … earliest disease ….. hyperketotic hypoglycemia, liver disease , cardiomyopathy
101. Parotitis not improved on 2weeks antibiotics …. Tubercular
102. Asom, not improved by medicine, ear drum bulgy …. Migrinotomy
103. Thron prick, lesion on legs … granules … mycetoma
104. Acute colecystitis resolve by medical management in 90%
105. Drug abuser leg sweiing, hospital 3rd day, acute dyspnea and chest pain … mc ecg finding ….. sinus tachy
106. Psvt case.. carotid massage ….. increase av conduction delay / baroreceptor firing
107. Antibiotics given, … anaphylaxis
108. Chest xray shows pleural effusion , history of asbestoses exposure …. Ioc .. pleural biopsy
109. Mild mental retardation iq
110. Drugs shows harm on animal, no human trial …. Category c
111. Heart scan …. Thallium
112. Main cause of death in rta
113. Disability assessment in primary survey … gcs / motor strength
114. Primary impact injury .. legs
115. Time of ppdh … 24-46 hrs, 5 hrs, 5 days, 2weeks
116. Tracheostomy induced surgical emphysema … mx
117. Tissue thromboplastin activates extrinsic pathway
118. Osa with indes 47 initial mx cppv, palatouvulopharyngioplasty
119. Case finding in an healthy individual … screening
120. Treatment of psoriasis on both elbow
121. Pip,dip,1st cmp involved, wrist mcp spared .. psoriasis / ra / oa
122. Most specific of ra … anti ccp
123. Adult male with back pain , increase on rest, descreae oon movement …. Ix h;ab27
124. Pathologic dystrophic calcification … fat necrosis
125. Fever for 3 days , not started antibiotics, suspect typhoid.. ix blood culture
126. Not passing urine, blood in meatus … mx suprapubic catheter
127. Cisplatin …. Proplylacticallly given ….. ondensatren
128. Spo2 in valid in … methhemoglobinemia, jaundine, skin color, nail police
129. Antimitochondrial antibodies …. Primary biliary cirrhosis
130. Lightening direction …. Left hand to left leg
131. Brachial block pneumothorax
132. Bile salt … increase its own secretion, contract gb, absorb in duodenum, secretes bilirubin
133. Farmers mork on field comes with eczema and itch …. Work on bare hand, use goloves, use steroid, use antibiotics
134. Abd pain, os open, but denied passage of mass … ineviitable
135. Small bowel obstruction a/e…. Dilate lange bowel, collapsed bowel, multiple air fluid level
136. Pain on eve movement, blurr vision on left, va 6/6, 6/6, hyperemia of disc, centrocecal scotoma … optic neuritis
137. Pregnncy antihypertensive contratinidicated … enarapril
138. Sentineal loop … acute pancreatitis
139. Doc of scabes in pregnancy.. permethrin, gbhc, malathion, ivermectin.
140. Child 9 yrs nasal discharge with mass on anterior rhinoscopy, soft gletanising …. Antrochonal, inverted, juvenile angiofibroma
141. Glaucoma…. Tonometry / pachymeter
142. Absent Thymus and inferior parathyroid develops from .. 3rd arch
143. Abscess between tonsil and superior constrictor …… peritonsillar abscess

144. Breech with both hip and knee flexed … complete breech

145. Doc for clostridium deficle infection … metronidazole

146. Dm, initially raised pp, later increased sating sugar…. …. Increase production from liver, decrease utilization in brain, weight loss, increase insulin

147. Gdm mother deliver a baby, seizure, bedside glucose normal … next ix, serum calcium

148. Protruded tongue, lax abdomen…. Cretinism / hypothyroidism

149. Spinal anesthesia …. Hypotension is due to … sympathetic block

150. 6 yrs child, not ply well, serotypical ….. autism, pica, psychosis, depression

151. Ace ihnibiotr … cough due to bradykinin

152. Which one is not professional minduct…. Sell sample drugs, attend conference sponsored by pharmacuticals, do private practice

153. Young in hot climate comes with lethargy and confusion…. He drink excess of water …. Intracellular tonicity, extracellular tonicity, intracellular hypervolemia, extracellunr hypervolemia

154. Which artery helps in differentiating direct and indirect hernia …. Inferior epigastric

155. 2016 who anc care suggests minimum number of asc visit …. 2, 4, 8, 12

156. 14 hours , patient having non bloddy diarrhea …. Salmonella enterolytica, shigella, clostridium dificcle, streptococci

157. Foevea have …. Cones, rods, amacrine cell, ganglion cell

158. Open fracture … earliest management…. Debridement

159. 2 month cough and mild fever Bilateral upper lobe fibrosis with peripheral rim inhancement … sarcoidosis, tb, lymphoma

160. Delivery of o2 in moputh to mouth respn 16%, 21, 40, 60

161. Mother positive of hepatitis b with high infection delivered a boy,,, earliest step … hep b vaccination with immmunoglobin

162. Vaccine given to child at thec age on 9 month …. Measeals rubella pneumococcal

163. Femoral hernia strangulation….. mobilization by ….. ligament

164. Alcohol hand sanitizer a/e it can be substitute of handwashing in soiled hand, 70% alcohol, chlorhexidine,

165. After earthquate, nutritional assessment by … bmi, weight for height, height for age,


Probable Answers to above memorized question from the  MD/MS Entrance MECEE 2020

Yolk sac hematopoietic
Hla allopurinol
Corona sars2
CPAP osa
Ganglion anatomy
Pulse oximeter Methemoglobinemia
Rigor mortis
P personal drug
Capacitation time
PCR template
Osteopenia percentage ??
Pneumothorax brachial plexus block
Covid quarantine & isolation
Hereditary branch chain amino acids
Salbutamol tachycardia
Lateral corticospinal tract
Contact extrinsic pathway
Liver toxic vitamin D???
Thoracic aorta aneurysm ???
Category C
Fovea cones
Bp plotting histogram or line?
Prophylaxic antibiotics for meningitis
Polyp in 9 years old kid: juvenile polyp
USG guided endometrial thickness ??
Esophagus rupture mid: right pleural effusion
Pleural effusion volume 500 or 175ml??
Not bloody diarrhoea
Stance phase ??
Ureteric bud related question?? Oligohydramnios
Sinus tachycardia ki a fib??
Father of neurosurgery
Lymphatic filariasis ?
Bone forming tumor
Total iron tablets
Baby with mother what to do in opd?
Hydatid liver
Volar approach to protect which nerve??
COD in RTA = head ?
Peritonsillar Quincy
Primary survey????
Acute pancreatitis sentinel loop
Medial epicondyle ??
Bile salt function
Bladder rupture catheterization
Chi score ???
Close suction drain?
Nihilistic delusion ??
Seizure in diabetic child: calcium??
Before surgery which vitamin??
Supraglottic airway device??
Carnitine deficiency??
Electric caution left hand to left leg
RBC decrease?? in pregnancy
Pleomorphic adenoma??
Recurrent parotitis even with vigorous antibiotics??
Femoral hernia?? Incision garera badhaune?
Iliac resection vit deficiency?? B1
Rib safest site??
Brucellosis doc??
Sweating ECF change?
Baroreceptor: carotid firing
Triceps muscles??
30 year old headache??
Hand maneuver and muscles?? Lattismus dorsi
Atropine plus diphenyoxylate
Adrenal medulla
Medial waste management program?
Elimination/eradication/ control
COD atherosclerotic heart dz
Vaccine at 9 months
H mole
Liver function PT
Scabies perthtin
Anterior plexus nose
Basu: 1st wk
Corneal acanthamoeba
Cisplatin ondansetron
Osteoporosis t score
Anti mitochondrial
Beta adrenergic
Plague psoriasis tx
Palms and soles lucidum
Mycetoma multiple sinuses
Tb case peripheral rim
Sexual assault breast exam
Biliary atresia
Osteoarthritis case
Struvite stone
farmer eczema
Dystrophic calcification fat necrosis
Greeting and introduce
NMC ethics body
Private clinic
La Bella
Mania valproate
Inevitable abortion
Mild mr
Criterion validity
Diazepam alcohol withdrawal
Elbow valgus 5 to 15
Optic neuritis
Glaucoma: tonometry
Pyloric stenosis diagnosis
Pyloric stenosis electrolyte
P jerovecii
Diagnosis p jerovecii
Enalapril in pregnancy
Bradykin cough
Digoxin hypokalemia
Orbicularis oculi
Diabetic ma k dine
Barrier method
Large tongue, retardation= cretinism
Post dural headaches
PUV keyhole
Calot triangle
Cleft lip surgery
Inferior parthyroid third
Hoarseness nasopharyngeal ca
Pemphigus nikolsky
Visual alcohol
Metron g difficle
DM: hepatic gluconeogenesis
Primary injury leg
Triple test downs
Community medicine control
Alzheimer tau
Parkinson dopamine decrease
Gracilus ra cuneatus
Open # debridement first
Heart scan thallium
Child cough:: O2 first
Cry and empathy in OPD room. Ethics
Spinal anaesthesia hypotension
Kid born to hep B mother
Hand soiling
RCC lungs
After earthquake, weight for height
Mc GI bleeding
Allen test
Herpes simplex temporofrontal
Couramin vit k
Inf epigastric artery
Potts puffy
Asbestosis pleural biopsy
Rouleaux formation
Fried egg h hominis
Who visits 8
C difficile treatment
Needle thoractomy
Allopurinol hypoxanthine analog
Small Intestine obstruction
Hypoosmolar dm
Adult 30:2
Rapid air: gastric CPR
Cystic fibrosis
Foreign body 3yrs
Severe Neisseria ophthalmic
Avn steroids.
Fever ma k nagarne?? Dexamethasone
Neonatal fluid resuscitation…
Cause of death. Atherosclerosis heart
HLA b27
Pulmonary vs systemic same vasculature
UB transition cell carcinoma
Female lung adenocarcinoma
Previous lacs, avoid?? Oxytocin drip
RA specific
Antimitochondrial antibody
Semicircular canal
Colostrum igA
1st maxillary sinus
Cervical ca 2B treatment
Alkaline stone
Sperm motility
Proof reading
Bladder rupture diagnosis: cystogram









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