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600 Medical jobs at Bagmati Pradesh

The Ministry of Health of Bagmati province has opened many medical jobs applications for the employment more than 600 medical jobs including 138 doctors and 137 nursing staff.

The Ministry of Health, Hetauda, demanded 600 employees in 50 different positions which have been requested in the large manpower which is going to be contracted for 1 year.

Lists of Medical jobs in Bagmati Pradesh

These are the list of medical jobs for the Bagmati Pradesh in many medical field

Doctors Jobs

  •  71  consultant doctors at 9th level

  • 50  medical officers 8th level

  • 8 dental surgeons,

  • 8 Ayurveda doctors

  • 1 homeopathy doctor

Nursing Jobs

Have also requested for staff nurses at different positions . Totals 137 Nursing jobs vacancy has been opened . they are as follow

  • 12 nursing officers of the seventh level

  • 125 staff nurses of the fifth level.

  • medicine manager of the ninth level

Public Health Jobs

  • 25 public health officers of the seventh level

Biomedical engineer Jobs

  • 1 biomedical engineer, and

  • 1 Biomedical Technician at Fifth Level

Medical Lab Jobs

  • 11 medical lab technologists jobs

  • 33 Lab Technicians jobs

Radiographer Jobs

  •  6 radiography technologists jobs

  • 25 radiographers jobs

Pharmacy Jobs

  • 1 pharmacy officer,

  • 26 Pharmacy Assistant

Health Assistant Jobs

  • 21 Health Assistants Jobs

Physiotherapy Jobs

  • 7 physiotherapists jobs

Other medical jobs in Bagmati Pradesh Nepal

  • 6 dental hygienists

  • 1 ambulance driver

  • 3 medical assistants

  • 7 medical recorder supervisors

  • 13 acupuncturists

  • 8 dental hygienists

  • 4 Ophthalmic Assistant

  • 6 Anesthetic Assistant

  • 7 Medical Recorder Supervisor

Hetauda Bagmati Pradesh medical jobs notice

here is the detail notice of bagmati pradesh medical jobs. you can know details regarding these jobs

medical jobs at bagmati pradesh
medical jobs at bagmati pradesh




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