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Private & Public Medical colleges in Nepal [Updated list]

Medical colleges in Nepal are limited and less in number however the quality of medical education is very good.  Currently, 19  Medical Colleges are operating in Nepal as governmental and private colleges whereas more than 5 colleges are in pipeline for getting medical college approval from the Nepal government.

There are also medical colleges in Nepal for Indian students too. The student from India can also study in these colleges

Let’s list the updated medical colleges in Nepal in the following categories

List of Public Medical colleges in Nepal

These are public medical colleges which are public with low fee structures and scholarships and these public medical colleges are owned by the government or public bodies

  1. Institute of Medicine (IOM)
  2. B.P. Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences (BPKIHS)
  3. NAIHS College of Medical Sciences 
  4. National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS)
  5. Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS )


List of Private Medical colleges in Nepal

Private sector medical colleges are more in Nepal in comparison to the public or government medical colleges. They are affiliated with the universities. the completed and updated list of these colleges are below

  1. Manipal College of Medical Sciences
  2. College of Medical Sciences
  3. Nepal Medical College
  4. Kathmandu Medical College
  5. Nepalgunj Medical College
  6. Universal College of Medical Science
  7. Kathmandu University, School of Medical Science
  8. National Medical College
  9. Janaki Medical College
  10. Nobel Medical College
  11.  Kist Medical College
  12. Lumbini Medical College & Research Center Pvt. Ltd. 
  13. Chitwan Medical College
  14. Gandaki Medical College

KU Affiliated Medical Colleges in Nepal

There are a large number of Medical colleges affiliated with KU

ku affiliated medical colleges in nepal
ku affiliated medical colleges in nepal

Kathmandu university-affiliated medical colleges are under KUMS ( Kathmandu university medical Schools) as follows.

Name of Medical College Address and Location
College Of Medical Sciences (CMS) Bharatpur
Kathmandu Medical College (KMC) Duwakot and Sinamangal, Ktm
School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS)
Lumbini Medical College (LMC) Tansen,
Manipal Medical College of Medical Sciences (MCOMS) Pokhara
Nepal Medical College (NMC) Jorpati,
Nepalgunj Medical College Chisapani, Nepalgunj
Nobel Medical College Biratnagar


TU Affiliated Medical Colleges in Nepal

Following are medical colleges affiliated with Tribhuwan university IOM . IThese medical colleges in nepal for indian students can also enroll and many nepali students are studying their medical edcuation .

tu affiliated medical colleges
tu affiliated medical colleges

A list of these medical colleges is tabulated below

Name of Medical College Address and Location
Chitwan Medical College (CMC)


Gandaki Medical College (GMCTHRC)


Institute of Medicine (IOM) Maharajgunj,
Janaki Medical College (JMC)


KIST Medical College (KISTMCTH)


National Medical College (NMC)


Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences ( NAIHS)




Universal Medical College (UCMS)




Pending Medical colleges in Pipelines

Some more medical colleges are in the process of getting medical college affiliations which is listed below. They can start MBBS study after getting it .

  • Manmohan Medical College
  • Peoples Medical College
  • Nepal Police Medical College
  • Kathmandu National Medical College
  • Birat Medical College
  • Devdaha Medical College
  • Ashwin Medical College

Medical Education in Nepal

Medical Education in Nepal is provided by universities, affiliated colleges, and autonomous academies or organizations. Kathmandu University (KU) and Tribhuvan University (TU) provide the  MBBS program through their affiliate schools Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS)  while Tribhuvan University is providing the medical education through the Institute of Medicine(IOM), Maharajgunj Medical Campus.

Most of the medical colleges in Nepal are affiliated with Kathmandu University (KU) and Tribhuvan University and they are regarded as the top medical colleges in Nepal. The medical students in these colleges are now in the top hospitals not only in Nepal but also in international hospitals as well.

Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) and BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) are autonomous institutions and they have their own medical study system with their own entrance examination, education pattern, curriculum, and grading system for the MBBS program.

What medical courses you can study in Nepal?

The above medical schools and colleges in Nepal are providing different levels of medical education in Nepal. Following medical education are providing medical study for the Nepalese students and international students. Following courses are being provided as medical education


MBBS or  Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program in Nepal is a four-and-a-half-year study program with one-year internship training. The time period for off MBBS course at TU is around six years while at KU takes five and half years.

Students after a 10+2 examination with science or any other equivalent examination can apply for admission into medical colleges in Nepal. They should have merit over the CEE (common entrance examination conducted by Nepal Government  for studying in private medical college or should be ranked with flying colors

Postgraduate study

Recently different public and private colleges have started the postgraduate study as the residency program in government as well as private medical colleges in the country. They are also accepting foreign students too. However, there is a limited number of seats every year.

For enrolling in the postgraduate or residency program one should have completed MBBS or relevant course from the college or university with the experiences. Different institute has their own requirement.

  1. Fellowship  Programs

Fellowship in different subspecialties has been started in some medical university colleges like IOM, KU, as well as private colleges. Those who have completed the post graduate can apply and enroll in the fellowship program in these above-listed medical colleges in the country.


Last Lines

These medical colleges are updated to the date. More updated lists will be edited timely. Kindly provide your suggestion and advice.  medical colleges in Nepal for Indian students can also pursue their MBBS and another study.





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