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Say No to Osteoarthritis and Relieve Joint Pain

Say No to Osteoarthritis and Relieve Joint Pain

As the incidence of osteoarthritis is mounting over time, it has become the most common type of arthritis in the USA. Knee Joint Pain, hip joint pains, temporomandibular joint pain are some most common joint pain due to arthritis. According to the American College of Rheumatology, OA is most common in adults over age 40. It progresses slowly and tends to affect commonly used joints like wrists, hands, hips and knees

Say no to Osteoarthritis and Relieve Joint Pain
Say no to Osteoarthritis and Relieve Joint Pain

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, also known as ‘wear and tear arthritis’ is a degenerative disease causing the cartilage surrounding the joint to wear down resulting in the joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Bony spurs are also formed which represents the advanced stage of osteoarthritis.

Joint pain due to Osteoarthritis is the result of a breakdown of the cartilage over the joint that serves as a cushion and shock absorber for the joints. The next form of arthritis is Rheumatic Arthritis. As per the Arthritis Foundation, RA affects about 1.5 million Americans. When it is compared women are more affected than men population.In this condition, there will be pain, inflammation, and fluid buildup in the joints as the body’s immune system attacks the membrane that lines the joints. Rheumatic Arthritis and treatments are essentials in the early phase if not it can deform the joints at a later time.

Affected Joints :

  • Hands, knees, hips, and spine are most frequently affected by this disease. Besides there can be involved of other joints mostly synovial joint types

Risk factors :

The most common risk factors of osteoarthritis are listed as follows

  • obesity
  • joint lesions
  • trauma
  • metabolic diseases.
  • joint infections

Having known the fact that it is a degenerative disease that has somehow to occur early or in later years, one can prevent the early occurrence of osteoarthritis by simply minimizing the risk factors.

You may need to see doctors for the Osteoarthritis and Relieve Joint Pain by taking some medications and so on. so, You are advised to see the doctor when the following symptoms occur.

  • the pain persisting for three days or more than that
  • If the area around the joint is swollen, red, tender, or warm while you touch with bare hands( do compare with non affected one)
  • you are presenting with fever but no other signs of the flu or other causes of fever
  • If you have severe joint pain
  • Joints are difficult to move.
  • Swelling of Joint occurs suddenly

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Exercises or physical therapy holds a notable significance in preventing osteoarthritis. Gentle moderate exercises keep the range of joint motion intact and hence, slow down the degenerative process. However, these exercises can be categorized into following for better understanding and to achieve better goals.

  1.  Strengthening exercise
    • increases the muscle strength with increased support and stability to joints.
  2. Moderate aerobic exercise
    • improves circulation and maintains the body weight. For instance, cycling, swimming, stationary cycling.
  3. Range of Motion exercise
    • maintains the normal range of joint motion and relieve stiffness. Bending forward, backward, etc.
  4. Resistance exercise
    • resist early fatigue and improves strength
  5. Yoga and exercise
    • relieves stress and provides relaxation
  6. Stretching exercise
    • maintains flexibility of the joint

What Exercise do to our body?

To Say no to Osteoarthritis and Relieve Joint pain you can do certain types of exercise. They will not only boost the joint it will help to maintain healthy all over the body. When we are doing exercise we should know what exercise does to our body which are briefly explained below.

Performing exercises regularly can help in

  • healthy body weight
  • Controlled sugar
  • Injury prevention
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • Relaxation
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Active participation in ADL’s

Therefore, performing regular exercises not only prevents osteoarthritis but also contributes to the management of several other diseases that might impact the activities of daily livings and efficacy of the individual. Just a light addition of exercise to your daily routine and you can say no to osteoarthritis.



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