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How much does a surrogate cost in India ?

Surrogate cost in India is not a matter of money nowadays. When women are unable to get pregnant due to medical problems, hysterectomy, or other health issues, they need surrogates. In other words, surrogates are so important for those who are not able to conceive and become parents of a child.

How much does a surrogate cost in India
How much does a surrogate cost in India

The sperm of the male partner is fertilized with the egg of the surrogate via artificial insemination. Afterward, the surrogate will carry the pregnancy to give birth to the couple. The surrogacy cost in India differs from one city to another and depends upon several factors like:

Age-Related Issue

First of all, you should choose a young and healthy surrogate so that she can carry your child and can give birth. If pregnancy clears in one cycle then you have to bear a low amount. But you may have to bear an extra amount in case of more than one cycle.


During surrogacy, you have to pay the compensation to a surrogate who becomes ready to be pregnant and a biological mother of your child. However, the amount can be different from person to person. Compensation will be decided according to the age and health conditions of the surrogate.

If you choose a young and healthy surrogate, there are fewer chances of having any complications during pregnancy. As a result, you may have to pay a low amount.


Duration of the treatment can also affect the surrogate cost in India . If there are no complications in pregnancy, you have to bear fewer amounts. Otherwise, you may have to bear more charges according to the complications and health of the surrogate.


It is an important factor that affects your budget. The cost of the surrogate is different in every country. Each city has different charges for surrogate mothers. So, firstly decide the place where you want to find a surrogate. Afterward, visit an IVF hospital and ask about the cost of a surrogate.

Medications, Allowance & Other Charges

Along with the surrogate’s compensation, you also have to pay for medicines, allowances, and other charges during the surrogate’s pregnancy. In other words, you have to bear all expenses that occur at the time of pregnancy.

How to Select a Suitable & Best Surrogate?

 It is too important to select a suitable and perfect surrogate mother. If you select the best of them then you can escape from the further expenses during pregnancy. However, there are no specific regulations for surrogate mothers. However, here are some essential points that will help you to choose the right surrogate:

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  • Preferred Age: – It is better to choose 21 years old surrogate for smooth pregnancy without any complications. At this point, a woman has a higher chance of having matured eggs. Without any problem, women can get pregnant during this period.
  • History of Childbirth: – If any surrogate has given birth to a healthy baby, she will be an ideal choice for you. In this way, it is so easy to examine the medical history and psychological problems of surrogates.
  • Psychological Tests: – It is so important that surrogates should pass the psychological tests. This test is done to track the mental health of the surrogate. If the results are positive, you can go ahead with that surrogate. The mental and physical health of the surrogate should be in good condition to give a healthy baby.
  • Contract: – Before doing any procedure, all the things that should be written on the contract paper. In the contract, all the roles and responsibilities are also mentioned for the surrogate at the time of pregnancy. A surrogate will sign the contract and will agree to give the child back after birth.

Types of Surrogate Mothers

The cost of a surrogate also depends upon the type. According to the study, there are two types of surrogate mothers. Both of them are different from each other. These are:

Gestational Surrogate:

This kind of surrogate gets pregnant through the egg of the intended mother or other female partners. In other words, fertilised sperms and eggs of selected couples are transferred to the womb of a gestational surrogate through IVF treatment.

Traditional Surrogate:

This type of surrogate donates her egg and uses the donor’s sperm to conceive a baby. In this scenario, the surrogate gets pregnant through IUI (intrauterine insemination) along with the sperm of the donor or father.

Final Words

Today, most of couples are suffering from infertility. Some infertility can be cured by several treatments. But, due to some serious problems, most women are unable to conceive a baby.

In this condition, most couples go with surrogacy in which the sperm of the male partner is fertilised together with the embryo of a surrogate mother. The cost of surrogacy in India may be different from one city to another.

Usually, you can directly visit the best IVF hospital and know about surrogacy in detail. Now, getting pregnant is not a difficult task because there are several options available. You can also contact the best infertility doctor in India to know more details about your problem. You can also become a parent but you have to choose the right way!






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