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Simple Hair loss Problem tackling tips

hair loss problem tackling tips
hair loss problem tackling tips

Hair loss Problem tackling are challenging to everyone.  Hair loss known as alopecia is more common in men than women. Every one of us receives five million hair follicles at the time of our birth in which, one million follicles are located on the scalp. Only 100 to 150 thousand becomes hair. Although most of us consider hair loss or alopecia an exclusive problem of males but it also is the problem of females. About half of the male population in the world is facing hair loss problems and every fifth woman faces the problem of hair loss.

Hair loss Problem tackling tips
Hair loss Problem tackling tips

There are various types of alopecia. The followings are the main types of alopecia.

  • Androgenic alopecia
  • Generalized alopecia
  • Localized alopecia

causes of hair loss or alopecia/Alopecia Causes/Hair Loss Causes

  • • Improper diet causes alopecia.
  • • Hormonal imbalance (especially in women after childbirth) can also cause alopecia.
  • • Inadequate intake of iron.
  • • Deficiency of Zinc, selenium, and trace elements.
  • • Chronic and infectious diseases.
  • • Disorder of the endocrine system.
  • • Certain drugs (i.e. chemotherapy drugs, arthritis medication).
  • • Sudden and severe stress be it physical, mental, or emotional is also a major reason of hair loss or alopecia.
  • • Genetic predisposition is a major cause of hair loss.

According to some specialists, 95 percent of hair loss is due to genetic predisposition. Two out of three potential baldies inherit the hair loss gene from the grandfather on the mother side and 30 percent directly form father.

preventions of hair fall/ Hair loss Problem tackling tips


  • Use conditioner to prevent tangles and gently use shampoo on hair.
  • Use brush with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Use minimum chemical hair treatment.
  • Make it habit to massage the scalp with good quality wil for 20 minutes before using shampoo at least once in a week.
  • Regular oiling can help reduce dryness and prevent impairment of our hair.
  • Eating a balanced, healthy diet is important for the health of hair. Use grain cereals, vegetables, raw oats, eggs, fish, meat, milk, cheese, and lentils.

Hair loss Problem tackling tips



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