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Can Back Pain cause Constipation?

Constipation can be the cause for back pain in some of the cases.

This can happen if you have a spine with infection,

The constipation is not caused by back pain directly.

But the inactivity of that person can lead to the bowel movements to be irregular thus causing constipation

Likewise there are some medications that are used to manage back pain that can cause constipation, a potential side effect.

Similarly the injury in the spinal cord or a form of nerve disease can injure the nerve that is associated with the nerve that controls the colon’s lower part.

This can lead to constipation and bowel movements.

Therefore the key point to note here is that back pain can

indirectly affect and can lead to constipation.

If there is any kind of pain in the lower back then it can lead to constipation also.

Likewise any kind of pain in the lumbar spine or the lower back can often lead to various conditions such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas.

There are links of back pain to constipation and many people also experience this all around the year.

What can we Do?

So if you experience back pain then there are various things that we can do. Doing legs or upper body exercise can decrease back pain that is high in pain index.

We should avoid processed food as much as possible and focus more on fruits and vegetables.

If there is a problem in the nerve in the rectum and colon then there can be constipation.

Some of the conditions that can cause constipation are the damage on the part of the nerve that governs how the body works and various sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injury or damage can lead to constipation.

back pain that can lead to constipation

Now let’s talk about the various  kinds of back pain that can lead to constipation.

Here are a few of them.

  • 1. Lower back pain
  • 2.upper back pain

Doctors even report the condition called sciatica can also lead to constipation.

So how exactly does back pain result in constipation?

Well, if a person experiences a pain in the back, it can lead to physical activity.

This can slow down the entire digestive system and can lead to constipation.

Exercise and yoga’s role in Treating back pain

There are various exercises of the back that can be done to reduce the severity of the pain that the person is experiencing on a daily basis

Yoga can also help with the back pain

Likewise stretching exercises can also improve the back pain.

So it is advised to consult a health care expert or professional and treat the back pain first as it can lead to constipation.

As the back pain and constipation are related to each other, we must seek help and do things that are in our control like physical activity, therapy and dietary changes.

Back pain is a common condition that can be experienced by a large number of adults.

Primary Symptoms of Constipation

Some of the primary symptoms of constipation include the following

Constipation is the irregular movements of the bowel and difficult movements.

A bowel movement that happens once or twice per day is considered normal.

But bowel movements that are very irregular and few times per week are considered constipation.

Some of the early signs of constipation include

Stool that is hard, the person feels some kind of pain while passing the stool,

The intestines can get swelling and thus can have an impact on the abdomen and the back.

Here are some of the main causes of constipation and back pain

Lack of water or dehydration in the body can lead to constipation and backspin, and irregular bowel movements.

A diet that is low on fiber can also lead to this condition,

People who live sedentary lifestyle and are inactive most times can have constipation and backspin,

There are certain groups of medicines that can cause constipation.

A concur in the colon and rectum can also lead to constipation and backspin

Now that the causes of backspin and constipation are talked about, let’s see the treatment option for constipation and back pain.

The first and the foremost treatment that Is available to all of us is the diet we take on a daily and regular we need to tweak our diet in such a way that we ar4e eating high fiber foods, and hydrating properly.

The other ways to deal with back pain and constipation are as follows.

In conclusion

There are various things that need to be taken into consideration with the back pain and constipation. The back pain can and does cause constipation.

So we must manage our eating habits, increase our physical activity,

and if we are explaining back pain then there are various yoga poses and stretching exercises that can be done at home with minimal supervision.

If you have constipation then you need to be physically more active and change your diet. your diet should focus more on fiber rich foods, low processed foods, enough water and more vegetables and fruits.

There is professional help also available and people can consult a healthcare practitioner to better manage the constipation.

as back pain, any kind of lower back pain or upper back pain stresses the spinal cord can cause lack of activity in that person thus contributing to constipation.

So in summary, we must look for both conditions. the back pain and constipation, as they are indirectly related to each other. as back pain can cause constipation, similarly constipation can also cause back pain.

Therefore it is a must to look for both the condition and change our lifestyle to be more active and enriched with good foods and proper hydration.

This will manage the back pain and if constipation nis managed then there will be lesser back pain and the intensity of the back pain will be reduced drastically.

Therefore, we just wear ourselves as well as others to live a more active lifestyle, engage in some sort of physical activity and change our directory habits.this will ensure proper management of the back pain and the cure to constipation also.,



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